If He Wakes by Zoe Leah ★★★1/2

Rachel Farrell opens her laptop and sees a provocative tweet that she believes is between her husband and another woman, planning a tryst. When she surreptitiously shows up at the location close to the appointed time, she witnesses a terrible hit and run accident and has her own minor one out of shock from what else she sees.

We begin at the accident and I found it interesting how without context I didn’t know how to take it all in. The story is told in first-person narrative from Rachel’s point of view and third-person narrative from Suzie’s, Rachel’s friend and business partner. That was initially a little odd but as the story progressed, it actually felt like a clever device to position the issues, reactions and reveals. What began as a potential marital conflict evolved into so much more and twisted terribly.

I liked this story, quite a bit, but would have enjoyed it more if the pacing had been tighter. Those times where significant action was unfolding, either Rachel or Suzie (more often) would often muse over inconsequential details or downright minutiae that did nothing but aggravate. Otherwise, the plot was really good and the convergence of Rachel and Suzie’s worlds was nicely done. Despite my issues, I flew through the story about 40% in and liked how it developed. I’d read more by this author.


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(I received an advance copy from NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review)

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