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Columbine by Dave Cullen ★★★★

I recently read Sue Klebold’s A Mother’s Reckoning: Living in the Aftermath of Tragedy, which is outstanding, so I thought it best to listen to a definitive account of not only what happened at Columbine but also objective analyses of the two shooters, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris. Sue made some assertions about Eric Harris and her son that made me wonder if these were her perceptions or those widely shared. Thankfully, this story supports so much of what she shared in her story so my opinion of that book remains unchanged.

Now, on to this book. I remember being really confused about the details of the Columbine shooting and the two students responsible months after the time it occurred. Much of what I read in the media just didn’t make sense or kept changing. There’s a good reason for my dilemma based on what I learned here. As if the murder and mayhem wasn’t bad enough, the behavior of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, who was in charge of the response and the ensuing investigation, added additional layers of grief and stress. Add to that a rabid media desperate for details and you end up with a horrible brew that has poorly impacted the community and beyond.

I listened to this book and it was a very good production. I’m particularly glad that I listened to the author’s foreword as he provided valuable insight about his resources and exclusions. I highly recommend this book in any format as it will best inform you about one of the most important events in our US history. There’s lots to learn in hindsight.



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