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Polished by Alyssa Turner ★★★★ (Polished #1)

Spencer Hartley and his live-in girlfriend Rory Campbell have an almost perfect relationship. They’re best friends living a good life and having an off-the-charts physical relationship. But…Spencer can’t seem to ignore his attraction to other men, especially Jack Rothman, the arrogant consultant he’s working with. When they get stuck for hours in an underground tunnel following an explosion, his feelings are hard to ignore. Meanwhile, Rory is aware of Spencer’s other side (Jack sees it, too) but doesn’t know how to approach the subject she’s open to exploring.

I really liked this story, primarily because the characters were so refreshing and honest. Spencer and Rory were quite happy in their relationship so it wasn’t about anything missing. Jack was quite lonely, isolated and frustrated with his career and personal life, having to hide his bi-sexuality. When circumstances caused the three of them to be together overnight, the spark was lit and refused to be extinguished. Yes, the sexual encounters were explosive (pardon the pun given Spencer’s vocation) and highly erotic but more importantly, the story and characterizations were so very strong throughout.

This is also a duet narration (where the male and female narrators transition anytime there is a gender change in dialogue or narrative) and it was superbly executed. Both narrators were excellent, especially Erin Bateman. She was SO good!

I kind of inhaled this book, finishing it in a day. Loved the characters and the erotica, which was well done by the way. It really helped define the three and I liked how their issues were developed and resolved. Nothing easy here and the audio performance made a difference for me. Looking forward to the next chapter in this relationship.

Six-Chapter Audiobook Preview


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(I received an advance copy from the author in exchange for an unbiased review)

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