Audiobook, Contemporary Romance

Mogul by Katy Evans ★★★★ (Manhattan #2)

Sara Davies is an aspiring Broadway dancer looking for her first break and working as a 5-star hotel concierge. She shares an airport taxi with a businessman to her hotel, where he also happens to be staying. The next day, when the guest in Room 1103 calls with an unusual (and provocative) request, Sara throws her inhibitions out the door and responds. At first she was fine with how they both walked away from the encounter, not ever having shared their names, but she can’t seem to get this man out of her head…and heart…and the same goes for him.

I loved the beginning of this story as it doesn’t waste time getting things started. Of course, I was immediately intrigued by Mr. Room 1103 and wanted to know more about why Sara responded so quickly and willingly. Then the focus changed as we start to learn more about her and Ian Ford, the mystery man in 1103. Both have interesting lives, his more troublesome but hers just as compelling. I liked them both and was delighted that there weren’t any forced dramas for them to fall into unnecessary angst.

The timing of this story intersects with the beginning of Bryn’s relationship with Aaric (from Tycoon) when she becomes Sara’s roommate. Can’t believe I’m saying this but this story stands alone nicely from the first book in the series as Bryn’s relationship development occurs “off camera.” Sebastian York is perfect as Ian (no surprise there!) and Grace Grant delivers her typical youthful performance as Sara. I’m always going to choose the audio format for a Katy Evans book because of these two.

While I enjoyed the story, I would have liked some of the plot elements to have been expanded and fewer of the sexual encounters. Sara and Ian were fun together with witty banter and steamy chemistry. Their out-of-bed relationship made for an entertaining story.


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(I received an advance copy from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased review)

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