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Two Kinds of Truth by Michael Connelly ★★★★★ (Harry Bosch #20)

Harry Bosch is still volunteering at the San Fernando Police Department (SFPD), working cold cases and helping with any new homicides. His old LAPD partner, Lucia Soto, shows up unannounced with her current partner and an assistant district attorney in tow, advising him that one of his old cases is back in play. New DNA evidence may exonerate a man (Preston Borders) Bosch helped put on death row almost 30 years ago and he’s being accused of evidence tampering by the man’s lawyer. In the middle of the conference, the SFPD detectives are called to the scene of double homicide at a pharmacy.

I loved everything about this story with two intriguing cases that Harry is trying to navigate simultaneously. Jerry Edgar makes an appearance, as well as Mickey Haller and it just doesn’t get any better with this team working with Harry again. There’s courtroom drama as well, which is always a treat watching Mickey in action. And, Harry goes undercover, providing some really tense and exciting moments. The writing is excellent and extremely well paced, making for an outstanding story. There are other things in play that make this an even richer reading experience.

I’m now current with this series, a place I wasn’t looking forward to landing anytime soon. I’m also watching the television series and loving that, too (binged through it all). Having Titus Welliver narrate this story worked so well as he’s completely taken over as my image of Harry. To say I’ll miss my monthly Bosch fix is a serious understatement.


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Bosch TV Series Trailer


6 thoughts on “Two Kinds of Truth by Michael Connelly ★★★★★ (Harry Bosch #20)”

  1. I think the new one comes out in October? I only know this because I’ve been buying this series for my dad, and he was asking for another! Lovely review, Jonetta, and so happy you enjoy Harry Bosch! I have meant to read the book and watch the series, but so far that hasn’t happened! Someday! 😊

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    1. Thanks, Jennifer! Yes, a new one is scheduled for release in October. I’m following the universe listing on Goodreads, which makes this #30! There are differences between the books and the TV series and I’m glad I read the books first. I don’t think I could do it in reverse.

      I’m just wild about Harry😍

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  2. I REALLY want to read since you like them so much. (You have such great taste) Except now I want audio which my library doesn’t have all of them and I don’t want to buy them all and it’s already up to 20! So I have some work to do to figure it out how to do it, but I will eventually buy them or get some at the library. Anne – Books of My Heart

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