Audiobook, Romantic Suspense

Off the Grid by Monica McCarty ★★★★ (The Lost Platoon #2)

Brittany Blake, an investigative reporter, has made it a mission to find out what happened to her brother, Brandon, and his missing SEAL Team. They just disappeared and the military won’t even acknowledge they’re gone. Her newspaper articles are making lots of people uncomfortable, especially John (Dynomite) Donovan, Brandon’s best friend and member of his Team. John and other members of the Team that survived the blast in Siberia are in hiding, not wanting those that set up the Team to die to know they’re still alive until they can figure out who was behind the treachery. He’s dispatched to find Brittany and redirect her efforts, a woman with whom he has a past connection.

The story continues with John and others still trying to unearth clues to help them solve exactly what happened in Russia. I liked the use of flashbacks at important moments that gave more depth to the characters and intersecting relationships. The timing was spot on and I also liked that secondary characters had major roles. John and Brittany had a budding relationship five years ago that ended badly so their reunion wasn’t a joyous one but it was explosive. It developed quite nicely as they worked together.

While there were quite a few twists and revelations, the mystery of the Siberian blast is still unsolved but it’s clearer with some likely outcomes. I really enjoyed the narrator, Charles Lawrence, who handled the female roles very, very well. He’s also a good storyteller who made this a good reading experience. I’m enjoying the series and the next book is set up quite nicely.


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(I received an advance copy from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased review)

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