The President’s Henchman by Joseph Flynn ★★★★ (Jim McGill #1)

Jim McGill is married to the President of the United States, the first woman elected to the office. He’s a former police chief now trying to establish his new private investigation firm. He came up with his new moniker, The President’s Henchman, discarding all the others pretty handily. His first case is indirectly connected as the client is a member of the White House press corp and he’s also asked to shadow an Air Force investigator who’s representing a rising female Army colonel who’s being accused of adultery.

I was engaged from the first page! Jim is incredibly likable and his wife, Patti (POTUS), is the ideal of who we’d like to see in the White House. There are several storylines in play, not all connected, but the flow was just about perfect. I felt I knew these people, or would like to know them. This wasn’t Jim’s or Patti’s first marriage so that was a unique aspect of the story as blended family issues were addressed, especially as Jim’s children don’t live at the White House. The case was strange and intriguing and the military investigation perplexing.

My only criticism was the seemingly rushed ending. There were some dangling plot issues as a result but maybe they’re addressed in the next book. No matter as I enjoyed this too much and will definitely be continuing the series.


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