Audiobook, Contemporary Romance

Roomies by Christina Lauren ★★★★★

Six months ago Holland Bakker discovered a busker (someone who performs on the street or in subways) at the 50th Street subway station in NYC. She named him “Jack” and has gone out of her way to hear him perform, mesmerized by his talent. Finally, fate intervenes in a dramatic way causing the two to finally intersect and Calvin McGloughlin (his true name) becomes a real part of her life when she brings her uncle Robert (did I mention he’s a Broadway musical director?) to hear him perform and it’s kismet. Problem is Calvin’s visa expired a long time ago and Robert’s desperate to hire him. Enter the marriage of convenience and we have the start of a delightful story.

What makes this story so captivating are the two characters at center stage, Holland and Calvin (love those names) and the interesting people who surround them. Holland is like a fresh breath of air and sunshine, completely oblivious to her innate talents. Calvin, with his Irish brogue, is a special man beyond just his musical skills. These are two extremely likable people you want to see make it despite their ludicrous start. There are the expected bumps and the unexpected ones but their deep connection is fairly obvious from the beginning.

I loved the characters, the dialogue and the essence of this story. The narrator adds a flavor to the performance that’s hard to define and just nails it. I have to agree with my friends that this story has a special something and I really, really hated that it had to end.


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