Contemporary Romance

Red, White & Screwed by Holly Bush ★★★★★

Quick summary
Glenda Nelson is a political strategist trying to manage a candidate who’s now in free fall. Her politician ex-husband seems to still be up to his old cheating ways with the new wife and dragging their two teenagers into the middle of it. There’s a crisis brewing with her parents and, oh, did I mention that there’s a hot artist who really wants to get to know her better in the biblical way?

What I loved
Glenda. She’s smart, attractive and really good at what she does…in her career. She’s a lousy cook and her house wouldn’t come close to getting the Good Housekeeping seal of approval. But, her daughter and son are two amazing teenagers that prove she’s gotten parenting right. Glenda doesn’t manage everything perfectly and that’s what makes her interesting.

The romance. Chris is so different from Glenda and the contrasts provide evenness in the relationship. He’s such a great guy, loves her kids and appreciates what’s special about Glenda.

The humor. There are truly so many laugh-out-loud moments, which helps balance the heartbreaking ones. The ending is just priceless.

And one more thing…
Glenda’s therapy. I loved how the sessions were used as a device to revisit moments in her past that gave insight to the present. They were skillfully done.

The bottom line
I loved the story, the characters, the humor and the romance. The cover and the title delivered everything they promised so there really is truth in advertising:) Here’s hoping Holly turns this into a series or at least writes a sequel because I’m really not done with these people.


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(I received an complimentary copy from the author in exchange for an unbiased review)

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