Audiobook, Contemporary Romance

Keep Her Safe by K. A. Tucker ★★★★

Noah Marshall’s very comfortable and orderly life changes in an instant when his successful but troubled mother’s life ends one night. Jackie Marshall was the chief of police for the Austin Police Department and she left behind some troubling secrets, partially revealed to Noah the night of her death. His quest for answers takes him to Arizona in search of Grace Richards, the daughter of his mother’s former partner who was revealed to be a corrupt cop the night he died.

What an interesting story! I liked how the mystery unfolded through the voices from the past (Jackie Marshall and her former partner, Abe Wilkes) and their children. At one time they were all very close but it’s been almost 15 years since Abe’s death. To say that Grace and her mother hadn’t had an easy life since is quite the understatement. Because of their early foundation, both Noah and Grace had a jump start in developing their adult relationship. I enjoyed how they had to quickly work out trust and respect while teamed together to figure out the truth of what happened to fracture their parents’ working and personal relationship, investigate Abe’s death and his name. The balance of mystery and romance was about equal, neither overpowering each other and weaving together rather nicely.

I liked the use of the four narrators, particularly those for Jackie and Abe since their voices were distinctive and represented transitions to the past. The narrators for Noah and Grace were really good but Noah’s voice for Grace made her sound a bit shrewish at times. Otherwise, they turned in a good performance. It’s a compelling story with lots of twists, turns, bends and an eye-brow raising ending. It was great storytelling.


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(I received a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased review)

8 thoughts on “Keep Her Safe by K. A. Tucker ★★★★”

  1. This one and this author, just came to my attention. I won this book in a prize this week. So I might get to it soon it I get caught up. You make the audio appealing though. Anne – Books of My Heart

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