Romantic Comedy

Almost a Bride by Jo Watson ★★★★★ (Destination Love #2)

In just one day, Annie Anderson’s life turned sideways and then completely upside down when she comes home early, finding her boyfriend in bed with another woman. If that wasn’t sad enough, she ends up losing her new job on the first day. And yet it gets worse. When she goes away for a much needed excursion to a fabulous island with her friends, who shows up there but the cheating ex and his gorgeous arm candy.

As bad as Annie’s day from hell was, it was related in such a way that I couldn’t stop laughing. While my heart broke for her, Annie’s story is so cleverly written that I also found the humor in the situation. The escapades during the vacation were even more outrageous but so vividly described I felt I was witnessing everything firsthand. Even Annie’s introduction to Chris-the-writer-turned-fake-fiancé was memorable.

I’m not much for reading romantic comedy but there was something about the premise of this story that grabbed my attention and made me go for it. I am so glad I did because this is truly a diamond in the rough. It’s a page turner and you’ll fall in love with Annie, her motley crew of devoted friends and her fake fiancé Chris. This is a wonderful story filled with heartache, humor and wisdom, so well written that I’m now hooked to this series and the new-to-me author. I’m definitely going back and reading the first book and all that come after this one. This was outstanding.


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(I received an advance copy from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased review)

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