Stillhouse Lake by Rachel Caine ★★★★1/2 (Stillhouse Lake #1)

Imagine coming home one afternoon after a normal, typical day and having your life turned inside out, upside down in a second. Well, that’s what happened to Gwen Proctor, formerly known as Gina Royal, the identity she had to give up so she and her two children, Lanny and Connor (also new names) could survive. A freak accident exposed her now ex-husband Mel Royal as a brutal serial killer and the court of public opinion viewed Gwen as an accomplice. She was tried and acquitted in the real court of justice but that didn’t reverse the public’s verdict. Now she’s forced to live a life of numerous moves to avoid discovery and her latest residence is on Stillhouse Lake in Tennessee, a remote location offering privacy and some level of normalcy…until now.

What an incredible ride! The first half of the story lays the foundation for what’s now Gwen’s life, as well as the character development. You could just feel Gwen’s vigilance and commitment to protecting her children and the tension was palpable, especially when there’s evidence of a threat. The few people she’s let in her life all become suspects and there are plenty of clues to assemble to figure it out, some more obvious than others but all pretty subtle and nuanced. The last half of the story left me breathless as it all started coming together at breakneck and perilous speed. I literally could NOT put this book down.

Let me warn you. Have the next book ready to load or be pulled from your bookshelf. This is obviously a series with a continuing story arc. It ends in a good place but with a shocker you’ll want to explore. I wasn’t fond of it but, yes, I’m very hooked. This was a Traveling Friends group read and it was so much fun discussing at pivotal points. I loved this book and am anxious to continue the series.

Book Info

  • Release Date: July 1, 2017
  • Page Numbers: 302


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28 thoughts on “Stillhouse Lake by Rachel Caine ★★★★1/2 (Stillhouse Lake #1)”

  1. I’ve read the series so far and love the twisty, fast paced, crazy action. There is also a lot of mystery about people and how things happen as it goes along. I was tense but I loved it. I’m ready for more. Good review! Anne – Books of My Heart

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