Contemporary Romance

Sit…Stay…Beg by Roxanne St. Claire ★★★★★ (The Dogfather #1)

Garrett Kilcannon turned his love of dogs into a social media phenomenon. However, he then sold his internet based company for a tidy sum, agreeing to work for the buyer. Three months later, he broke his contract and returned home to Bitter Bark, North Carolina and, together with his five siblings, created a now renowned dog rescue and training facility on the family property. He’s reclusive and elusive, refusing any media contact. Now, journalist Jessica Curtis wants to do a television feature on him so she can compete for a new TV broadcasting anchor spot as he’s a major “get.” She’s no stranger to the family as she grew up in Bitter Bark but left as a teen.

I love stories about dogs, especially those that focus on training, and this series promises to be a gem. This first book is a really great start as the foundation that was laid was pretty compelling. The Kilcannon family is special and Garrett’s story is the perfect lead off. He may be withdrawn but his absolute devotion to these animals was hardly restrained. Jessica is a skilled interviewer and I liked her and the relationship she created with him, personally and professionally.

But the real star of this story was Lola, a rescue dog that captivated me along with Jessica and Garrett. I want that dog who is a border Collie and Australian shepherd mix. She’s enough reason to continue the series but I was equally enamored of the other aspects of the story. Loved everything about this book and can’t wait to return to Bitter Bark.

Book Info

  • Release Date: April 24, 2017
  • Page Numbers: 300


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(I assisted the author with background on the NC region featured in this story)

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