The Drowned Girls by Loreth Anne White

Detective Angie Pallorino is part of the Victoria Metro Police Department sex crimes unit and answers the call for a young woman desecrated in a nearby cemetery. She and her new partner are still finding their way with each other (mostly not) and haven’t created “team” yet. She’s got LOTS of baggage and being the only woman in the detective ranks doesn’t make things easier. When they determine that this case has a lot of similarities to two she investigated a few years ago, both are included on a special task force created when a homicide occurs. Homicide detective James Maddocks, new to the department, is in for a rather big surprise when he’s teamed with Angie.

I’ve seen quite a few fictional damaged female detectives over the years and Angie ranks high on that list of most flawed. Combined with her risky behaviors and tendency to be a lone ranger, she makes for a dangerous cocktail. Her relationship with with Maddocks, who got her in one, was a highlight of the story as he had the ability to read and disarm her despite the boulders she constructs. The case was distressing with its sexual overtones involving young girls but captures your attention from the onset. The secondary plot related to Angie’s family just made for a strongly layered story.

I enjoyed the story, especially as the author is one who has the skill to create a vivid sense of place. The weather in Victoria, British Columbia is a critical part of everything and I just felt wet and cold for the duration. I’m glad not everything was resolved by the end (not including all the critical stuff) as what’s left is just intriguing. I’m looking forward to where the series leads.

Book Info

  • Release Date: June 20, 2017
  • Series: Angie Pallorino #1
  • Page Numbers: 526


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(I received an ARC in exchange for an unbiased review)

17 thoughts on “The Drowned Girls by Loreth Anne White”

  1. This is a book I have an audio and have not yet listen to, wonderful review! Might need to move it up my extremely long list!💛

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  2. I have not read anything in this series, but if it takes place in BC, then I should give it a try. I visited there a couple of years ago and have friends whose kids live there. Beautiful, rainy and vast places. Great review Jonetta.

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  3. Lovely review, Jonetta! I have this waiting on my Kindle thanks to the great reviews last year! I need to buckle down and read it and am so happy to hear you enjoyed it. That means it’s even more likely I’ll love it, too! Happy weekend!

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  4. Great review, Jonetta! I have this one and you have me intrigued with your comment about the author creating a vivid sense of place with the weather. I am now in Vancouver BC and it gets wet and cold here too. I love that the author could have you feel that from her writing.

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  5. How intriguing! It’s defo my sort of book too!
    I find it kinda interesting how these fictional detectives are so disturbed and flawed, and yet nobody sends them on administrative leave or anything like that 😀

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