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This a Sunday feature here where we discuss specific topics related to books and the blogosphere.

Let’s talk book tags — love ‘em or…?



Since I only recently started my blog, book tags are a new phenomena for me. It took me a moment to figure them out but I caught on quickly. At first, I was afraid to be tagged because of my fear of doing it wrong. But after awhile, I got the fun of it.






There are a host of tag types. Some are thematic, playing off a season or holiday. Others may be a series of random questions that are book related or designed to evoke responses that tell you a bit more about the responder. And then there are those that are done in the form of a meme where each week, the topic changes.







I’ve discovered that no matter what type the book tag, all have the effect of giving the readers more insight about the blogger. I’ve come to really enjoy reading them, especially those where the questions are pretty clever. I’ve gotten to know a lot of bloggers really well because of them, feeling much more connected with this community.


How do you feel about book tags?

Do you like reading them more than doing them or vice versa?

Any favorite tags you recall?

19 thoughts on “Something to Talk About”

  1. I like reading them and doing them. I was hesitant to do book tags at first too, but now I enjoy them. They can definitely be fun to do, plus provide a little insight into the blogger.

    I started doing the Top Ten Tuesday because it gives a specific topic that a lot of other people are also talking about on the same day. It’s fun to see what others come up with for their posts. Also, I love lists, so it is a fun one for me.

    Book tags also help me to create posts for every day. I was posting weekdays only, but now post seven days a week because I do one weekly meme and the occasional other tags.

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    1. Thanks, Darinda!

      I’m toying with doing Top Ten Tuesday because I enjoy it so much. Still thinking about it. I also didn’t want to do reviews on the weekend so I created this opinion post for Sundays and the Saturday post to review books added to my shelf and why. I created my own because I couldn’t find one that focused on the things I wanted to discuss.

      I’ve really enjoyed reading your tags!

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  2. I like some of them, I’ve done 10, 15 tags and I think I have 20 tags I haven’t even started on and don’t know I will… I don’t like the tags asking for book titles or really hard questions but I like those designed to get to know me more and ask about my opinion or habits or something. I do love seeing other people answer them 🙂

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  3. I am TERRIBLE tags, and it’s one thing I wish I was better at. I am always excited when I get them, but then they end up being one more thing on my never-ending ‘to-do’ list. I wish I had more blogging time (this time of year is really stressful with work), because I really do like connecting with other bloggers! 😥

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  4. I did a few tags along the way, but have not been very good at completing them. I do love reading other people’s responses to tags though. I keep saying, I am going to catch up on the tags I received, but haven’t done it yet.

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