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Let’s talk about Veterans Day






I live in the US and Veterans Day is one of the few holidays that is celebrated on the actual day, November 11, though this year, workers will be given the day off tomorrow.


My father was a 25-year veteran of military service and today was also his birthday. His career took him all over the world and my sister and I were fortunate to accompany him on his European assignments (Germany and Italy). While there were some sacrifices (I went to 10 different schools, 3 in one year!), the joys far outweighed the hardships.






I lost my father many years ago and I miss him still but none more than today. He loved the Army and even after he retired, he continued working in his old job under a civil service commission. I’ve always been proud of his career and commitment to this country. He served in two wars and they took a toll on his health. That kind of stress is immeasurable but he never once complained.

Have you any family members that are veterans?

How do you celebrate this day?

Any stories you’d like to share?

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  1. Many thanks to your father. My father lied about his age and ran off to join the Australian Army at 14 (he was from Melbourne Australia). He fought in North Africa in WWII. After his Army service, he moved to the USA and served in the Merchant Marines for the rest of his career, well over 40+ years with the Merchant Marines, where he helped to served with the Korean War and the Vietnam Wars as well. he aided with Military sea lift commands.

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  2. My grandfather at age sixteen fought in WW 1. He was gassed in the Argonne forest and had residual effects his whole life. He was super patriotic and my memory is of him standing when our anthem was played even if he was home and watching TV. I have to think he would have been appalled by some of the things going on these day. My father and uncle served in WW 2. My dad was at Anzio and in Africa under Patton and my uncle was in the Navy in the Pacific on a battleship. My husband would have served in Vietnam but because of a horrific automobile accident in hie early teens he was turned down for the military.

    I live in a very military area. My best friend is retired Navy, her husband is as well. Most of my neighbors are either currently serving or are retired military. I am proud of our veterans, those currently serving, and our country. Blessings on all veterans and the country they served on this commemorative day.

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  3. This is a beautiful post today, Jonetta. I, too, appreciate the sacrifices of our service members and their families who love them. Both my grandfathers fought in WWII, and they passed away years ago (one over 30 years ago, and the other, 12 years ago). Neither would talk to me about the war, so I’ve mentioned in my reviews of WWII books that I read them to try to understand. Thank you for this post to reflect on them, and for sharing your love for your father. ♥️

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    1. Thank you, Jennifer. My father wouldn’t talk about his two wars, either. Everything I learned was from his Army buddies or military documents I discovered after his death. I can imagine your thirst for information through your reading of this historical period.

      Most of us had family members who served in a past war through Vietnam. That’s not as customary today.

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  4. Oh how wonderful! My Dad was in the Navy in WW2 and the Korean War, with the National Guard between the two. All this was before I was born. He got married during the Korean War but I was born much later. I still have a bunch of his uniforms and a wool blanket which I love. Anne – Books of My Heart

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