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Look Closer by David Ellis @DavidEllisBooks @jwdamron @hillatious #ElizabethGarrett @SteveWestActor

the setup…
Simon Dobias is a law professor living in the outskirts of Chicago with his wife, Vicky Lanier who works at a center specializing in domestic violence. They have an amicable but passionless marriage. He’s seeking tenure but there are a few obstacles he has to first consider, one involving his troubled past. One day while waiting at a streetlight, Simon suddenly sees a woman from that past and is thunderstruck. Everything that happens next is tied to that pivotal moment, which would forever be life changing.

the heart of the story…
I’m not going to talk about a lot of the details because that ground is a spoiler minefield. Just know that Laurant, the woman Simon sees on that street, sets off a series of actions by Simon, then later Vicky, that take you down a twisted and complex path of lies, intrigue, seduction, greed and murder. Told from the points of view of Simon, Vicky, Detective Jane Burke who is investigating the murder and one other character I won’t name, you soon grasp that someone is lying and several cons seem to be in play. I vacillated in my like/dislike of everyone throughout the story, changing my theories many times until I had my “aha” moment. Still, there were more twists I missed.

the narration…
Four narrators were used to tell this gnarly story and each one of them voiced their character wonderfully. Hillary Huber is one of my favorites and I was happy she had Jane’s point of view. But now I have three new performers to add to my list, especially Steve West who I’d heard about and now understand the hype. They were all exceptional storytellers.

the bottom line…
If you like clever and diabolical, you’ll love this story! What you think you know gets tossed around with each new chapter, getting replaced with a new belief that’s subject to shift with the next one. I absolutely believed I’d figured everything out before all truths unfolded but there were a couple more revelations that were eyebrow raising. It’s one of the wildest mystery rides I’ve experienced in a long, long time. If you can opt for the audiobook, do so because they lifted an already great story to new elevations.

Book Info

  • Release Date: July 5, 2022
  • Narrators: Will Damron, Hillary Huber, Elizabeth Garrett & Steve West
  • Audio Length: 13 hours
  • Publisher: Penguin Audio


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