Audiobook, Dystopia, Fantasy

Year One by Nora Roberts ★★★★★ (Chronicles of The One #1)

A normal set of events on New Years Eve sets off a catastrophe that slowly turns the world on end. Half of the population is gone, governments lose control, law and order are a thing of the past and magick is unleashed…some good and definitely some dark and evil. The story chronicles the paths of Lana Bingham and her partner, Max Fallon; journalist Arlys Reid and her intern Little Fred; and paramedic Jonah Vorhies and doctor Rachel Hopman, along with others as they make their way to some semblance of sanity.

I was skeptical when I learned Nora was tackling this genre but I should have known better. She masterfully creates a world of chaos while interjecting normalcy through her characters. I was mesmerized while at the same time horrified at what might be around the next corner. The characters got under my skin and atypical of the author, not all were sacred. Julia Whelan delivers the most wonderful performance in her narration, seemingly being several different narrators. Her storytelling was just perfect and her male interpretations were more than believable.

I’m just sorry it took me so long to listen to this story. The underlying premise is mystifying but also kind of logical. The contrasts of good and evil with human nature is chilling as it has some parallels to current events. The next installment can’t come too soon and I’m definitely listening to the rest of the series.


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