Vanished by Kendra Elliot

It was a regular weekday morning when 11-year old Henley Fairbanks waved goodbye to her stepmother Robin, turned the corner to go to her bus stop and vanished. It wasn’t until the afternoon that it became clear she was missing. FBI Agent Ava McLane was one of the first to be contacted and embedded with… Continue reading Vanished by Kendra Elliot

Audiobook, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller

Silenced by Allison Brennan

A young woman who worked for a powerful DC lobbying firm is found murdered in Rock Creek Park. What gets the attention of the FBI is her recent scandal involving an affair with a US congressman. FBI Agent Noah Armstrong decides to include FBI Analyst Lucy Kincaid in the initial investigation because it appears that… Continue reading Silenced by Allison Brennan

Contemporary Romance

Tempting Fate by Nora Roberts

Attorney Caine MacGregor is given the task of picking up Diana Blade from the airport for her first visit with her brother Justin since she was 6-years old. He was unprepared for the cool and sophisticated woman who was the ultimate in control. Diana had the edge as she was well aware of Caine by… Continue reading Tempting Fate by Nora Roberts

Audiobook, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller

First Blood by Angela Marsons

Detective Inspector (DI) Kim Stone is transferred yet again to another West Midlands police station. This time is Halesowen under the leadership of Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) Woodward. Her style and lack of social norms are responsible for her being dispatched from one station to another. She’s also got a new team who, on the… Continue reading First Blood by Angela Marsons


Shadows in Death by J. D. Robb

Eve and Roarke are called from their night out at the theater to the scene of a vicious murder in Washington Square. As Eve and Peabody are evaluating the scene, Roarke sees someone from his past in the crowd of onlookers. It’s a man named Lorcan Cobbe who is a hired assassin. Just as Roarke… Continue reading Shadows in Death by J. D. Robb

Audiobook, Romantic Suspense

Seconds to Live by Melinda Leigh

Wildlife biologist Mac Barrett is working in the jungles of Brazil when he gets the call to return to Scarlet Falls as his father’s health has deteriorated. He’s attacked before he makes it home but manages to get there despite his serious injuries. However, they take a toll after visiting his father and he has… Continue reading Seconds to Live by Melinda Leigh


And Now She’s Gone by Rachel Howzell Hall

Grayson (Gray) Sykes is a private investigator hired to find Isabel Lincoln, the missing girlfriend of a cardiologist. It doesn’t take her long to question whether Isabel wants to be found and if she’s trying to escape her boyfriend. The more progress Gray makes with the case, the more it intersects with her own past… Continue reading And Now She’s Gone by Rachel Howzell Hall