Audiobook, Contemporary Romance, Holiday

In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren @ChristinaLauren @PattiMurin @SimonAudio

Every year, three families gather for the Christmas holidays at a cabin in Utah owned by the Hollis family. They all met in college and their children have celebrated together since birth. Maelyn (Mae) Jones, however, isn’t enjoying this year’s festivities. She’s moved back home, hates her job and learned that the Hollis’s plan to… Continue reading In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren @ChristinaLauren @PattiMurin @SimonAudio


Reckless by Allison Brennan @Allison_Brennan @MinotaurBooks

FBI Agent in Training Lucy Kincaid and her boyfriend Sean Rogan, private investigator, are at a camping getaway for a short weekend in Shenandoah National Park. He wanted this alone time together since she’s been away at training. Things are going well until they hear voices arguing and branch out to explore, finding a couple… Continue reading Reckless by Allison Brennan @Allison_Brennan @MinotaurBooks

Romantic Suspense

Slow Burn by Lisa Clark O’Neill @LisaClarkONeill

When graphic artist Adeline Walker was seven years old, she was struck by lightening at the same time as her mother and younger sister. She was the only one to survive but it left her with physical and mental challenges. Her marine biologist father did the best he could in trying to create some normalcy… Continue reading Slow Burn by Lisa Clark O’Neill @LisaClarkONeill

Audiobook, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller

Her Last Goodbye by Melinda Leigh

Attorney Morgan Dane is now working with Sharp Investigations, led by retired policed detective Lincoln Sharp with Lance Kruger, the former policeman, as his private investigator. They’re hired by the husband of Chelsea Clark, a woman who went missing a week ago after leaving to meet a girlfriend for a well deserved night out. She’s… Continue reading Her Last Goodbye by Melinda Leigh

Audiobook, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller

The Nothing Man by Catherine Ryan Howard @cathryanhoward @BlackstoneAudio @AlanaKCollins #TheNothingMan

When Eve Black was 12-years old, her family was murdered by a serial rapist and killer called The Nothing Man. She was the only survivor. It’s been over fifteen years and she’s gathered the courage to write a book about her experience and the other families that were attacked by this man. Jim Doyle is… Continue reading The Nothing Man by Catherine Ryan Howard @cathryanhoward @BlackstoneAudio @AlanaKCollins #TheNothingMan


Saturdays at the Café

Saturdays at the Café is a weekly feature hosted here to talk about and discuss the books I’ve discovered during the past week, added to my shelf and am excited about reading. They may be new/scheduled releases I’ve seen on NetGalley, at the library, or from publishers or they may be older titles my friends have… Continue reading Saturdays at the Café

Audiobook, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy

What I’m Looking For by Karen Grey @KarenWhitereads @TheRealJoeArden

Kate Bishop is an analyst for a Boston investment banking firm. It’s the 1980s so she’s that rare female in a field dominated by ill-behaving men. But Kate’s really smart, socially awkward and needing more practice relating to the people she’s analyzing. One evening following work, she joins her colleagues for drinks and gets some… Continue reading What I’m Looking For by Karen Grey @KarenWhitereads @TheRealJoeArden

Audiobook, Contemporary Romance, Holiday

A California Christmas by Brenda Novak @Brenda_Novak @HarlequinAudio #FinishingTheSeries2020

Emery Bliss is a Los Angeles television news anchor with a promising career ahead of her. It all changed in an instant when a disgruntled ex-boyfriend uploads a sex video he secretly taped and ruins her professionally and personally. She returns to Silver Springs where she grew up, in retreat and hiding out at Aiyana… Continue reading A California Christmas by Brenda Novak @Brenda_Novak @HarlequinAudio #FinishingTheSeries2020