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The Life We Bury by Allen Eskens @aeskens @ZachVilla @TantorAudio

Joe Talbert is a college student juggling his studies, part time work and a troublesome relationship with his bipolar mother who’s responsible for the care of his 18-year old autistic brother, Jeremy. His current class assignment is to interview someone he doesn’t know and write their biography. Joe’s bright idea is to go to a… Continue reading The Life We Bury by Allen Eskens @aeskens @ZachVilla @TantorAudio

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One More for Christmas by Sarah Morgan @SarahMorgan_ @HarlequinBooks

Gayle Mitchell is the head of Mitchell Associates and is the leading expert on organizational change as well as a fierce advocate for women in business. She appears to have it all but when a freak accident happens and her oldest daughter is contacted, what’s missing in her life comes to light. She hasn’t seen… Continue reading One More for Christmas by Sarah Morgan @SarahMorgan_ @HarlequinBooks

Contemporary Fiction

Heard it in a Love Song by Tracey Garvis Graves @tgarvisgraves @StMartinsPress

Layla Hilding is a 35-year old elementary school music teacher who is recovering from her recent divorce. She’s still trying to get her equilibrium, come to terms with the choices she made during her ten-year marriage and determine what it is she wants for her life. Josh Summers is a 37-year old electrician and father… Continue reading Heard it in a Love Song by Tracey Garvis Graves @tgarvisgraves @StMartinsPress

Audiobook, Contemporary Fiction

No Hiding in Boise by Kim Hooper @KimHooperWrites @Hillatious @DevonSorvari @SWillingWrites @Dreamscapeaudio

Angie Matthews is awakened in the middle of the night by an unexpected phone call. It’s from the hospital saying her husband was injured in a shooting at Ray’s Bar. She thinks that’s impossible because he’s in bed with her, isn’t he? Joyce Ketcher is awakened by pounding on her front door, opening it to… Continue reading No Hiding in Boise by Kim Hooper @KimHooperWrites @Hillatious @DevonSorvari @SWillingWrites @Dreamscapeaudio

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Float Plan by Trish Doller @TrishDoller @illuminaughton @MacmillanAudio

On Thanksgiving Day, Anna Beck awakens to an alarm reminder her boyfriend Ben Braithwaite set three years earlier. It was to be the day they set sail in his restored Alberg 37 to travel to the Caribbean and back. But Ben committed suicide ten months and six days ago and Anna has barely left her… Continue reading Float Plan by Trish Doller @TrishDoller @illuminaughton @MacmillanAudio

Audiobook, Contemporary Fiction

Good Neighbors by Sarah Langan @SarahVLangan1 @NicoleLewisNYC @SimonAudio

Gertie and Arlo Wilde moved to Maple Street in Long Island, an affluent suburban neighborhood they thought would be a great place for their two children to be raised and they themselves could achieve more respectability. He’s a former rock star and junkie and she’s a beauty queen, pregnant with their third child. Their reception… Continue reading Good Neighbors by Sarah Langan @SarahVLangan1 @NicoleLewisNYC @SimonAudio

Audiobook, Contemporary Fiction

Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid @tjenkinsreid @justjuliawhelan @PRHAudio @librofm

June Costas was 17-years old when she met Mick Reva and in no time he had captivated her heart, mind and soul. They married with their first child, Nina, already on the way. Mick was wickedly handsome, extremely talented and soon reached success as a singer, performing in famous venues far away from their home… Continue reading Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid @tjenkinsreid @justjuliawhelan @PRHAudio @librofm

Audiobook, Contemporary Fiction

Pack Up the Moon by Kristan Higgins @Kristan_Higgins @xesands @recordedbooks

At the height of her life, Lauren Park was diagnosed with a terminal illness called IPF (idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis). She’s married to Joshua, the love of her life, a man who loves her just as deeply. While she’s devastated with her prognosis, she’s more concerned about leaving Josh alone. He’s focused everything around her and… Continue reading Pack Up the Moon by Kristan Higgins @Kristan_Higgins @xesands @recordedbooks

Audiobook, Contemporary Fiction

Ordinary Hazards by Anna Bruno

This story begins at 5:00 pm on a Wednesday at a small town bar aptly named The Final Final. Emma has taken her seat among the regulars and it’s less than a year since her divorce from the man who she met and gained her acceptance there. Her sadness is obvious as she reflects on… Continue reading Ordinary Hazards by Anna Bruno

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Blog Tour: The Stepsisters by Susan Mallery

Daisy Bosarge is a nurse anesthesiologist whose been married for twelve years and is the mother of two young children. When she was eight years old, her widowed father remarried and she gained a stepsister. Daisy was excited at the prospect of having a sibling but nine year old Sage wanted nothing to do with… Continue reading Blog Tour: The Stepsisters by Susan Mallery