Audiobook, Contemporary Romance

Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover ★★★★

When Tate Collins shows up to move into her brother’s high rise apartment, she has an unusual encounter with his best friend and fellow airline pilot, Miles Archer. Even after an awkward start, these two couldn’t ignore their strong attraction. As they proceed with their secret relationship, both agree that it would only be sort… Continue reading Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover ★★★★

Contemporary Romance

Red, White & Screwed by Holly Bush ★★★★★

Quick summary Glenda Nelson is a political strategist trying to manage a candidate who's now in free fall. Her politician ex-husband seems to still be up to his old cheating ways with the new wife and dragging their two teenagers into the middle of it. There's a crisis brewing with her parents and, oh, did… Continue reading Red, White & Screwed by Holly Bush ★★★★★

Audiobook, Contemporary Romance

The Bourbon Kings by J. R. Ward ★★★★ (The Bourbon Kings #1)

The story centers around the Bradfords, an old Kentucky family who are titans of the bourbon industry. The current generation of Bradfords are the children of Virginia Elizabeth Bradford Baldwine (she’s referred to as Mrs. Bradford, never mind her married name) and William Brandwine: Edward (the tragic and oldest one), Max, Tulane (Lane) and Gin.… Continue reading The Bourbon Kings by J. R. Ward ★★★★ (The Bourbon Kings #1)

Audiobook, Contemporary Romance

Roomies by Christina Lauren ★★★★★

Six months ago Holland Bakker discovered a busker (someone who performs on the street or in subways) at the 50th Street subway station in NYC. She named him “Jack” and has gone out of her way to hear him perform, mesmerized by his talent. Finally, fate intervenes in a dramatic way causing the two to… Continue reading Roomies by Christina Lauren ★★★★★

Audiobook, Contemporary Romance

The High Season by Judy Blundell ★★★★1/2

Ruthie Beamish is living a complacent life along with her 15-year old daughter and ex-husband Mike. They’ve been amicably separated for three years and jointly own a house located in a quaint but tony village on the north fork of Long Island (the Hamptons are on the south fork). They’re not one of the wealthy… Continue reading The High Season by Judy Blundell ★★★★1/2

Audiobook, Contemporary Romance

Complicated by Kristen Ashley ★★★★

Sheriff Hixon Drake was happily married (or so he thought) for 19 years until his wife inexplicably kicked him out and they divorced a year later. They live in a small town so everyone knows everybody’s business, even what you don’t know about your own. When just a few days after the divorce was final… Continue reading Complicated by Kristen Ashley ★★★★

Audiobook, Contemporary Romance

Mogul by Katy Evans ★★★★ (Manhattan #2)

Sara Davies is an aspiring Broadway dancer looking for her first break and working as a 5-star hotel concierge. She shares an airport taxi with a businessman to her hotel, where he also happens to be staying. The next day, when the guest in Room 1103 calls with an unusual (and provocative) request, Sara throws… Continue reading Mogul by Katy Evans ★★★★ (Manhattan #2)

Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, MMF Romance

Polished by Alyssa Turner ★★★★ (Polished #1)

Spencer Hartley and his live-in girlfriend Rory Campbell have an almost perfect relationship. They’re best friends living a good life and having an off-the-charts physical relationship. But...Spencer can’t seem to ignore his attraction to other men, especially Jack Rothman, the arrogant consultant he’s working with. When they get stuck for hours in an underground tunnel… Continue reading Polished by Alyssa Turner ★★★★ (Polished #1)

Contemporary Romance

Holding On by Pamela Clare ★★★★ (Colorado High Country #6)

Harrison Conrad is a world-renowned alpinist and superior athlete, having reached Everest’s summit twice. On his last attempt with his long-time climbing partner and best friend, he was the lone survivor following a freak accident that killed his friend and the two climbers they were taking up the mountain. After 15-months in recluse with Tibetan… Continue reading Holding On by Pamela Clare ★★★★ (Colorado High Country #6)

Audiobook, Contemporary Romance

Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren ★★★★★

Macy Sorensen and Elliot Petropoulos met when she was 13-years old after her father bought a weekend cabin, located next door to Elliot. That started an ongoing weekend relationship that spanned the next five years until a single event wrenched them apart for the next eleven. A chance meeting at a coffee shop suddenly forces… Continue reading Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren ★★★★★