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What Angels Fear by C. S. Harris ★★★★ (Sebastian St. Cyr #1)

I started this series over a year ago as a joint read in one of my Goodreads groups and it quickly became my most favorite historical fiction. Here’s the first book as I’m now almost current. But, I wanted to introduce you to one of the most intriguing and cleverly written series I’ve come across…

A young actress is found brutally murdered at the altar in a church and all evidence seems to point to Sebastian St. Cyr, Lord Devlin. It soon becomes clear to him that there are multiple forces at play, some powerful and political, and he goes on the run to investigate the crime to clear his name.

This is a well written historical mystery with a strong sense of place and Regency setting. The characterizations are outstanding as all of them have multiple layers and dimensions. We also watch Sebastian transform throughout the story as he lives the realities of the chasm between commoners and the aristocracy. There’s so much subterfuge and intrigue, which makes it very difficult to shorten the list of suspects.

I very much enjoyed the introduction to what promises to be an interesting series. While the mystery surrounding the identity and motive of the murderer is solved, there’s still much more that isn’t resolved. My only criticism is the abundance of description of time, setting and place. I’m one of those readers who savors just about every word so I got bogged down, slowing the pace typical for a mystery. I finally, reluctantly, had to skim more than I would have liked in order to move forward but I guess that’s a good problem.


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4 thoughts on “What Angels Fear by C. S. Harris ★★★★ (Sebastian St. Cyr #1)”

    1. Thank you! This book laid the foundation for the series, including the sense of place, important characters, political intrigue and the mystery. It was a lot to take in and the setting descriptions just got in the way. From here on out, the balance is just about perfect. The writing is clever and the stories are laden with historical data ground in fact. The author has it all right and if you’re a fan of historical fiction, this series should be on your shelf.

      My hubby is an historical scholar and this series has launched us into the most interesting conversation. He’s not reading the books but I draw him into it with my questions. It’s been great and I’ve gotten so much smarter🙂

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  1. I love that Jonetta! My husband studied history in undergrad (not a scholar!), and we’ve had some discussions related to my books because historical fiction is most definitely my favorite genre. I love that the series is making you smarter because I can already tell by your reviews and the way you write you are highly intelligent and well-read!

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