Romantic Suspense

Ignited by Kaylea Cross

I’m currently reading this series with one of my Goodreads groups, one book a month. So, I thought I’d share my reviews here as we complete them.


Khalia Patterson’s philanthropist father had a mission to educate girls in Pakistan until he was savagely murdered in the country. Now that the school he had built is ready to open weeks later, she musters the courage to undertake the dangerous trip to represent him at the opening. Titanium Security operative Hunter Phillips is heading Khalia’s security detail and isn’t looking forward to going back to the site where he lost his best friend in the riotous aftermath of Patterson’s murder. And, he was unprepared for his reaction to the brave and gutsy Khalia.

The action and intrigue begins on the first page so my interest was grabbed from the start. And, it just gets better. The romance between Khalia and Hunter heats up pretty quickly, seeming more like insta-lust until they actually deepen their relationship. The high tension accelerates it all but it’s obvious that these two share more than body heat.

While the main plot of this story ends, there is a continuing story arc (no cliffhanger) in the series. The ending was just exhilarating and moved at a breakneck pace. There’s a real sense of authenticity in the details of the story, reminiscent of some of my favorite authors in this genre. I’m definitely continuing this series.

Group consensus…Really liked it, lets keep going.


Book Info

  • Release Date: June 15, 2013
  • Series: Titanium Security #1
  • Page Numbers: 221


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