Romantic Suspense

Burned by Kaylea Cross



I’m currently reading this series with one of my Goodreads groups, one book a month. So, I thought I’d share my reviews here as we complete them. This series has a continuing story arc and should be read in order.






The task force team is forced to move again after their safe house was compromised. Zahra Gill has moved to her own place but when someone shows up late one night and creates a disturbance, Titanium Security Agent Sean Dunphy decides to camp out until the threat is resolved. Both have strong attractions to each other but Zahra has kept him at a distance and it’s obvious she’s guarding the secrets of her past. However, it soon becomes clear that, for now, Zahra is the focus of the terrorist threat and there’s a serious leak within NSA.

The set up for this story began in the last book so I was looking forward to learning more about Zahra as it was clear she suffered some awful trauma in her past. I liked how we were provided the latest terrorist operative’s point of view as it ratcheted up the tension when the team was unaware there was trouble brewing. While most of the earlier part of the book tilted towards the romance, the last third is all action and suspense.

I really enjoyed the story, especially the second half where I found it difficult to put the book down. Zahra and Sean’s romance worked, too, as there wasn’t any game playing and their relationship was sensual and honest. The identity of the NSA leak is also disclosed and I’m glad that’s resolved. The action was as exciting as I found the first book, filled with realistic outcomes. I’m still enjoying the series and am looking forward to what’s next for the team.

Book Info

  • Release Date: August 26, 2013
  • Series: Titanium Security #3
  • Page Numbers: 227


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10 thoughts on “Burned by Kaylea Cross”

  1. I’ve read the first 2 as freebies and now the others are at one of my libraries. so perhaps I can get to them. I’m reading a new series of hers. Buried Lies released today and I’m on the blog tour next week. Anne – Books of My Heart

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