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This a Sunday feature here where we discuss specific topics related to books and the blogosphere.

Let’s talk about Non Bookish Blogs!


I follow quite a few blogs and the majority (by a wide margin) are related to books. I love them as they represent such a wide diversity in reading tastes, perspectives and geography. They keep me stimulated and immersed in a book world I adore.

I also follow blogs that have nothing to do with books. They all have one thing in common…they’re incredibly authentic. They provide insights I find helpful and I’m sometimes awed in how willing these bloggers are to share themselves. Today I’m sharing them with you.


Fractured Faith Blog
Written by Stephen & Fionnuala Black, they share their everyday life, which I find remarkable. They’re from Northern Ireland, have three children and have a deep faith in God that’s been fractured a bit. This is one of the first blogs I visit daily as Stephen is a talented writer who seems to have mastered sharing from the heart and mind. He always has a point to his posts, steeped in personal experience. Rather than me tell you more, why not just check out the blog yourself.



Bitchin’ in the Kitchen
I don’t even know where to start in describing this blog! I stumbled upon it after seeing her post on another blog and was intrigued by the name. I thought it was a cooking blog (NOT) but once there, I got caught up in one blog posting after another. Here’s the short of it…her name is Helen and she writes about whatever is on her mind when she’s ready to have something to say. She moved here from England, lives in New York and became a citizen a few years ago. She’s got real talent in expressing her points of view in words and images. I reserve time when I won’t be distracted because every word matters. Please, check out her unapologetic and often hilarious blog. I generally leave it smiling.


Stella’s Place
Stella writes poetry. The fact that I’m listing her blog as a favorite is remarkable because I may be one of the few on the planet that doesn’t get poetry. Not so with Stella’s writing. She’s amazing! She liked one of my posts and I in turn visited her blog, almost immediately disconnecting when I figured out she writes poetry but something made me stay and browse. Just follow her and see for yourself.



In Diane’s Kitchen
I have no idea how I found Diane’s blog but boy am I grateful. Her recipes are generally really easy to make and well presented. But, what makes her blog so special is how utterly useful it is to someone like me who’s not very skilled in the kitchen. She posted a recipe for making brown sugar, a home remedy for coughs (it works!) and, just yesterday, calamari that I KNOW I can make. Friends and family will be shocked to learn I’ve downloaded a recipe keeper app because of Diane. I’m hooked.


Jo Hawk, The Writer
Jo Hawk is a writer. Period. Everyday there’s a quote or similar type post to inspire other writers to keep writing. They ARE inspirational but mostly thoughtful and clever. I’m not a writer and find them stimulating for other purposes. I enjoying visiting whenever there’s a new post. Jo Hawk also posts writing challenges and they show a strong talent for storytelling. I’m glad I also stumbled onto this one.


Movie Babble
This is definitely one of the first non bookish blogs I started following when I began my second phase of blogging. The owner started following me and I then checked out his. If you like movies, you’ll probably enjoy this site. Not all of the content is of interest but I visit at least every other day because of interesting film reviews or opinion pieces. It’s a great site.

Do you follow non bookish blogs?

What are some of your favorites?

Why are you drawn to them?

21 thoughts on “Something to Talk About”

  1. My goodness. I am so honored. 😊

    I am happy you find inspiration in my Daily Quote posts. While they are geared toward writers, my hope is that they will provide a gentle push or trigger thought-provoking ideas for all creatives.

    Thank you for your kind words and sharing with your followers. You have touched my heart today. 😊

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  2. I love Diane’s blog too! Everything I’ve made from her recipes has been amazing and she’s so kind and thoughtful, always answering questions and giving helpful little insights…I’m still learning so much about cooking and she just helps immensely. I’m glad she’s had the same effect for you!

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  3. I love IN Diane’s Kitchen. I have used several of her recipes and even bought a few gadgets she had written about. This is my favourite non-book blog. I recently started following Fractured Faith as well. I will have to check out some of the others. Great post Jonetta.

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