Historical Mystery

Murder on Waverly Place by Victoria Thompson



This is another series I’m reading with a Goodreads group and we absolutely love it. It’s set in late 19th century New York City and we learn something of historical significance with each book.





Sarah Brandt receives a strange request from her mother, Elizabeth Brandt. She wants Sarah to accompany her to a seance led by a spiritualist who was being vouched for by a friend. Flabbergasted, Sarah agrees but is alarmed at some of the things that happened during the session and makes her mother promise not to attend anymore. Well, that didn’t work and the next session ends when one of the attendees ends up murdered.

I couldn’t imagine why Elizabeth Decker would want to attend a seance given her normally levelheaded nature. But, once her motivations were revealed, I understood completely and settled into this strange and curious story. It was challenging trying to figure out if Madam Serafina was the real deal and had special gifts while attempting to unearth the identity of the killer. If you pay close attention, the clues are all there to solve both.

I enjoyed this story, which was a bit of a departure from the rest but still containing some interesting factoids (i.e., origin of the flashlight and how it got its name). Everyone has a role, including Maeve and Mrs. Ellsworth. Mrs. Decker was a bonus! She and Frank Malloy got to spend some serious quality time together and it won’t be long before he becomes more acceptable to the family as a potential son-in-law.

Book Info

  • Release Date: June 2, 2009
  • Series: Gaslight Mystery #11
  • Page Numbers: 316


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