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The Kept Woman by Karin Slaughter


Let me begin by saying this is NOT a standalone book. It is the culmination of all the books in this series that preceded it in defining Will Trent & Angie Polaski’s relationship. It’s complicated and you’ll only understand the extent of that from the earlier stories.



Will Trent and his partner Faith Mitchell are summoned to a murder scene involving a retired police detective. It gets dicey when they realize the warehouse is owned by the agency that represents a professional athlete Will just spent months trying to convict of rape. Then it takes a dive when they determine the blood at the scene doesn’t belong to the dead cop but to someone tied to Will. The ride becomes precarious from then on and never lets up.

I’ve waited for this confrontation between Will and his estranged, crazy wife Angie for a long time and it surpassed anything I could have imagined. I finally understand his bizarre connection to her and, surprisingly, her extreme cruelty to him. Of course, it all is steeped in their shared and unshared pasts. There are revelations on top of revelations and you’ll need to buckle up to keep up. The subterfuge is stunning and there were times my jaw dropped at the truths that emerged.

This story just amazed me. There were moments when I wanted to smack Will and felt like he wasn’t the man I thought him to be, only to embrace him once more. Amanda shows her skills and toughness once again, still leaving me with my competing admiration/disdain of this woman. Kathleen Early narrates it perfectly, knowing how to stay out of the way of the story and giving us perfect characterizations of Angie, Amanda, Will & Sara. The murder mystery was even more complicated but it all ties together at some point. I’m glad I delayed listening to this story now that the next book is scheduled for release next summer. It was so much more than I ever anticipated and was 16 hours of listening that felt like 8.

Book Info

  • Release Date: September 20, 2016
  • Series: Will Trent #8
  • Narrator: Kathleen Early
  • Audio Length: 16 hours, 10 minutes





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43 thoughts on “The Kept Woman by Karin Slaughter”

  1. Both of her series are on my radar as I loved the two standalones I’ve read from her. I read Pretty Girls and listened to The Good Daughter, so now I’m wondering whether I should read or listen to this series 🤔 This review has certainly got me leaning towards the audio!

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        1. On this I’m sure…whoever said that is wrong and probably didn’t read the others. Book #3 in Will Trent contains major spoilers of the Grant County series. If you don’t read it first, you will not experience the dynamics of the relationships that develop later in the next series. It’s the difference between rating the book 3 stars instead of 5. I read the first book in Will Trent before I started Grant County and my friends stopped me from going further. I’ll be forever grateful.

          You’ll thank me later😏


  2. I understand your frustration with Will while reading this book. I often want to smack him upside the head throughout this series. Even with that, I can’t stop reading. Wonderful review.

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