One Lovely Blog Award: 7 Random Facts About Jonetta

One Lovely Blog Award


I’ve Christina @ Recipe and a Read for this tag. It’s really interesting when I read others responses to this award so I’ll try to live up to that challenge. And, you really need to visit Christina’s amazing site. She’s so versatile and when she pairs a recipe with a read…it’s exceptional!

So, here I go!



All Things Italian

1. I love all things Italian.
My Dad was career Army and we literally moved almost every year until I was a junior in high school. However, we spent three years in Naples, Italy beginning when I was eight years old. So much of me was formed by the Italian culture. I have the most wonderful memories as there was no base housing and we lived within the Italian community. I understand the language but my brain mixes it with my classroom Spanish when I try to respond. I speak with my hands. I haven’t eaten an Italian meal I didn’t like. My love of art was born in a country that’s surrounded by it on every corner. And, I can’t go back and visit for fear I’ll screw up my memories.




2. I love US football and am obsessed with it.
Friends know to not even ask me to go anywhere on Sunday afternoons from September through the playoffs in January. I don’t go to Super Bowl parties because I watch the game (and the ads). My husband finally gave up and joined in and now watches with me…somewhat. He takes breaks. I don’t.



Mr. Science

3. My weakest subject in school was always science.
For some reason or another— I think the teacher—I did well in Physics. I mean I just didn’t do well in most of my other science courses. In college, I only considered majors that didn’t require science coursework. So, what did I end up doing? I married a scientist. Not just any run-of-the-mill man but an accomplished one with a PhD in microbiology and literally a genius. He has patents on his research that turned into business opportunities for his university. He says I know a lot and it’s just information jumbled in my brain. And, he’s helped me organize it into knowledge. Who would have figured!




4. I collect porcelain demitasse cups and saucers.
Years ago I developed a fascination for porcelain demitasse cups and saucers. Because we moved around a lot, my family didn’t advocate collecting. However, my husband does and after watching me for the umpteenth time decide to walk away from an antique specimen, encouraged me to just buy it to start my collection. I happened to be in a very special antique store and when the proprietor learned I wanted to start collecting, her behavior towards me changed radically. She took me to her private stash and my collection was launched! My collection representation now spans the globe and of course hubby gifted me with the educational tools to learn my subject (I’ve more than ten books to guide me). I have more than 50 sets and a special cabinet to house them. Still missing a Sèvres…



Interior design

5. I love interior design…not decorating, the actual design and layout of a space.
I’ll walk in a room and immediately see color, design elements, style and mood. When I was considering a college major, my two choices were interior design and accounting. I chose the latter and have done design as a sideline for friends, family and my own homes. I once had a corporate opportunity at one of my employers when I proposed changing how we furnished our operational departments for a new high rise they were building. They bought it and I led the team to change everything and develop the standards. I was in heaven.




6. I went to 10 schools from the first grade through high school.
See #1 above. You either become shy and introverted from that experience or do what I did…embrace the change. I find it really easy to meet people and (no surprise) have an eclectic mix of friends. I’m never nervous in new situations.



Brussels sprouts

7. I loathe Brussels sprouts.
I eat and love most vegetables but just seeing these on a menu makes me want to gag. My mother created every kind of sauce imaginable to get my sister and I to eat them, to no avail. I still have bad memories of sitting at the dinner table, both of us holding our noses, swallowing them whole and then gagging.


I know this doesn’t come close to being as interesting as Christina’s 7 random facts but, there you have it. I invite anyone wanting to play to do so AND I’ll tag Berit, Helen, Daisy Gal (DG) and Holly only because I believe they’ll find this fun. If not, you have my blessing to take a pass.

36 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award: 7 Random Facts About Jonetta”

  1. What a great post, Jonetta! It was wonderful to learn more about you.
    I love Italian food too and even though we’re Canadian we root for the Seahawks in this house. I guess I know what you’ll be doing a week on Sunday! xx

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  2. Lol I love this! I think yours are wayyyy more interesting than mine!! So a few things I thought while reading:

    1. YOU ARE SO EFFORTLESSLY COOL! Living in Italy? Being able to meet people and make friends easily?? I mean come on that’s amazing.
    2. I was never good at science and I married my high school boyfriend WHO also failed a bunch of his math and science classes in high school who is now months away from getting his PhD in engineering 😂 oh how times change!
    3. Don’t feel bad about Brussel sprouts! There are a few foods that you have a genetic predisposition to like or not and they are one of them! Chocolate too.
    4. Ahhh, we are buying a new couch this weekend and are moving in a few months so I’m currently and slowly redoing everything we have since most of its older and from a time my husband was only on a grad students salary and I need an interior designer friend!!

    I loved all of these!!!

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    1. You are so sweet! Never have used the word cool and me in the same sentence😏

      I think that’s a riot about your husband now studying to be an engineer. Mine said my problem with science wasn’t me. I wasn’t taught well. He makes everything sound so easy.

      About your couch…first rule is comfort. Make sure you lie down on it as well as sit. The fabric has to be durable if it’s being placed in a room you use frequently. There are so many beautiful pieces out there and comfort doesn’t need to be sacrificed.


  3. Love this! Big football fan myself in fact my kids were named after quarterbacks! But I have no toms! Live in LA so obvious who I’m rooting for this weekend even though not a huge fan, just don’t want it to be the patriots again!

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      1. Then my cats are Eli and Cooper the other Manning brothers have another cat Ava and my dog is Lucy both are Eli‘s daughters, LOL

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  4. So much fun, Jonetta! I was going to ask your favorite team, but I see the answer above! We are Steelers fans! I love everything Italian, too, and while I have not lived there, I have traveled. I hope you find yourself back there some time to relive the memories, not spoil them. I have tried my best to love Brussel sprouts because I love vegetables, but every way I have tried has still been icky…and I like cabbage, but ugh. The bitterness in those things! Wonderful share! So much getting to know you better!

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  5. Wow! It was fun learning a bit about you Jonetta. Not taking breaks when watching the games huh😂. I do love me some Italian food too and I definitely won’t even look at Brussels sprouts.😂

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  6. I found this very interesting. I love learning more about the bloggers I follow. Living across the river from Detroit, I am a Lions fan. One of the two teams that have never won the Superbowl. Someday…..

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