Romantic Suspense

Desperate Girls by Laura Griffin

Desperate Girls

Brynn Holloran is a successful defense attorney working for a high-powered law firm, getting ready to begin a high-profile trial in Dallas when a case from her past resurrects in the worst of ways. A serial killer she helped put away when she was a prosecutor has escaped from prison and appears to be seeking retribution from those associated with his incarceration. Wolfe Security is engaged to provide her and her partner protection until the killer’s recapture. Erik Morgan is the security team leader and he’s immediately taken with this brash and talented woman who doesn’t suffer fools nor is she willing to let security dictate her life.

This story had a chilling start that set an expectation for the tension and suspense that didn’t really materialize. However, it was always in the background, so I felt tension. Brynn was a marvelous character, making this story work as we watch her in action in the courtroom and at night as she worked her strategy. She’s unconventional, striking in appearance and great at what she does. It was no wonder that Erik was taken in by her large persona as she was someone who could hold her own with his strong presence. While their romance didn’t light any fires, I sensed that they were well matched and filled in each other’s vacuums. In that sense, their relationship worked.

I enjoyed the story, even though it lacked the high tension I felt it promised as the search for the killer involved too many people in a fragmented investigation led by someone with whom everyone lacked confidence. I did like that twist near the end, seemingly coming out of nowhere but in retrospect it made sense (those are the best kind). It’s a good start to the series and I plan to continue.

Book Info

  • Release Date: August 7, 2018
  • Series: Wolfe Security #1
  • Page Numbers: 369


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(I received an advance copy from NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review)

21 thoughts on “Desperate Girls by Laura Griffin”

  1. I really like this kind of trope in novels. The old serial killer/person you put away coming back to haunt you. It builds a good tension for sure.

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  2. I think my Friday notifications were way off because I missed this post and a couple others, Jonetta. I’m sorry, Jonetta. ♥️ This is a wonderfully thoughtful review. I’ve been curious about this series. It sounds like you liked it overall, but I may hold off until you tell me about the second book. Wonderful review!

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