The Woman Who Knew Too Much by Tom Savage

The Woman Who Knew Too Much

Nora Baron has returned to her life in Long Island as a university drama teacher following her turn at high intrigue months ago when she learned about her husband’s covert life. The former actress surprised herself at her own skills in rescuing him so when the Company calls her for help, Nora’s confident that she’s up to the assignment. Her job will be to help extract famous Russian theatrical actress Galina Rostova from Venice and help her defect to the US. She has information the government feels will make the risk worthwhile. Nora will pose as a television interviewer for a fictional production company and devise a plan to safely get the actress to America.

The elements I loved about the first book continue in this story. Nora is smart, skilled and quick minded. Her talent as an actress certainly helps but it’s those innate instincts that makes her ideal for this assignment. The setting this time is Venice, Italy and it’s as much a part of the story as the intrigue, taking us beyond the traditional sites and venues. I loved the subtlety of the espionage, not resorting to the typical tricks and thrills. This is probably more true to reality where the real effort is figuring out truths from lies and being quick on your feet. There are a host of players and it was a challenge figuring out what was fact and fiction and the true end game.

This is a smart and sophisticated story and I just love Nora. I was thrilled when I learned there would be more stories featuring her and like the direction taken for the character. If you enjoy intelligent mysteries that make you work at assembling clues instead of all action, you’ll love this book and series. There is quite a bit of action but isn’t the main focus, just appropriate in the moments and there to support the mind games. I’m just disappointed I waited so long to resume this series.

Book Info

  • Release Date: March 28, 2017
  • Series: Nora Baron #2
  • Page Numbers: 242
  • Publisher: Alibi



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(I received an advance copy from NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review)

29 thoughts on “The Woman Who Knew Too Much by Tom Savage”

  1. Wow, okay, all the right ingredients, this one sounds like my cup of tea, no sparkly teens! 😉 But seriously, what was book one? No, never mind, off to go check out the author. 😀

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      1. Ha! Ha! I know … now. I just went on GR to find out about the author, and copied down his titles. Will be checking out if I can get them on my ipad. This whole series sound like a fun read.

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  2. Oh, this is good! Need to go on my list 🙂
    Also, i must say, i rarely find a book with a character (especially main one) who shares my name 😀 So this is defo a bonus!

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