Audiobook, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller

Run Away by Howard Coben

Run Away

Simon Green is a successful financial manager, married to a successful doctor and father to their three children. Life was pretty good for them until their oldest daughter went away to college, met a boy and spiraled downward. She eventually ran away and they’d given up looking for her. Except Simon really hadn’t and when one day he sees her in Central Park, he goes after her and things get out of control. What happens after that moment leads him and his family down paths they’d never expected to ever experience.

Howard Coben became an auto read (and listen) for me years ago and this book is a perfect example as to why. No one can nimbly set a stage like he does, not wasting a lot of time with meaningless details but building a foundation for what’s to come, like the calm before a vicious storm. I started this book thinking I’d listen for an hour and then kept extending it. Next thing I knew, I was almost finished. So much goes on in Simon’s effort to find his daughter, the murky characters he encounters, the dangerous situations he finds himself in and the secrets he exposes along the way. There’s much more going on and he’s just a normal guy driven by a love for his child.

Obviously, I enjoyed this story as well as Steve Weber’s performance. I love that he’s narrating so many of the standalones as well as my beloved Myron Bolitar series. He just gets the characters and creates a vivid image for you with outstanding storytelling. This is a classic Coben story with all the elements you expect to see but around a unique story. I guessed one of the twists but missed a couple of others. The ending was provocative and though provoking, just how I like them to be. You don’t want to miss this one.

Book Info

  • Release Date: March 19, 2019
  • Narrator: Steven Weber
  • Audio Length: 10 hours, 20 minutes
  • Publisher: Brilliance Audio


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(I received an advance copy from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased review)

33 thoughts on “Run Away by Howard Coben”

  1. This was my first book by this author, and i really enjoyed it. Like you said, stuff started happening right away! I really liked all the characters as well, so i’m defo gonna try more of his books 🙂
    Great review!

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  2. I haven’t read anything from this author, but now, I’m seriously thinking about getting this one. Especially as both you and Norrie really liked it. I think it’s time to see what I’m missing out on (if anything!) 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh he is one of my favorites! I am so happy to hear this is good! Going to need to squeeze it in alongside my Michael Connelly!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love Harlen Coben and he has been an auto-buy for me too. I have bought this one but haven’t read it yet. I really want to dive into it. Great review!

    Liked by 1 person

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