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Hard Target by Pamela Clare

Hard Target

Derek Tower is the co-owner of Cobra International Security and was pressured into a new assignment by an influential US senator who can control his company’s destiny. The senator wants his daughter, Jenna Hamilton, removed from a women’s clinic in Afghanistan. Jenna is a nurse and midwife who is six months into a two-year volunteer assignment and she’s not leaving. Derek thought he could give it a week before he successfully extracted her or abandoned the assignment but things turned dangerous really fast.

The plight of women in Afghanistan under the threat of Taliban rule is dismal, especially when complicated by other extremist forces who don’t even pretend to have a religious context. I learned a lot about the current politics and culture and ended up with a better understanding of our contribution to that country. Jenna’s commitment was admirable as she had nothing to gain by staying there and so much to contribute. This story was as educational as it was suspenseful with Derek and Jenna’s blossoming relationship providing needed relief from the dark circumstances. Both of them were fully developed characters who I came to admire and root for.

It’s wonderful having Clare return to this genre as she’s so skilled at writing exciting scenes that you experience viscerally and intellectually. I felt the fear and pain during the dangerous moments and the triumphs when the characters you cared about prevailed. Derek and Jenna were well suited and I loved their romance. I’m a big fan of the I-Team series and this is a worthy spinoff. It was also great to see the crossover folks appear here. I’m in for what I hope will be a long run as I want more of the members of Cobra. I enjoyed everything about this story.

Book Info

  • Release Date: April 25, 2019
  • Series: Cobra Elite #1
  • Page Numbers: 261


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(Thanks to NetGalley for my complimentary copy. All opinions are my own.)

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        1. I googled North Carolina and it took me to page all about the man-o-wars, I started to read and it was to scary for me so I clicked out.


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