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Beware of Comments from Followers Going to Spam!

After reading Christopher @ Plucked from the Stacks’s post this morning, where he mentioned that his comments on other blog sites were inexplicably going to the spam folder, I immediately checked out mine. Unfortunately, I found several of my friends and followers languishing there.

My apologies if you wondered why I didn’t reply or reflect your comments on my site. I could only look back the previous eight days.

I’ve also noticed that my comments aren’t showing up on some blogs that I follow. I fear the same may be happening to me.

Just an FYI to periodically check your comments spam folder. The system isn’t perfect.

31 thoughts on “Beware of Comments from Followers Going to Spam!”

  1. I must thank you for this, Jonetta, because until I read it, I didn’t even realize that I had a spam folder for junk comments. I searched a bit, found it, and did find a legitimate reader comment in the pile. Very helpful!

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  2. Oh, you too, Jonetta? It’s been happening to me, seemingly random followers have turned up in the spam, and I only noticed a couple of weeks ago as I wondered what had happened to a couple of people. I just assumed Gmail was up to its usual being an ass. It’s really annoying. I now check daily but we shouldn’t have too.

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