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Avenged by Kaylea Cross



I’m reading this series with a Goodreads group. It’s a spinoff of the Titanium Security series we recently completed. I will be posting reviews every month as we read each book.


Five years ago, Special Agent and pararescue jumper Nate Schroeder was part of a rescue effort to extract American hostage Taya Kostas from the Taliban in Afghanistan. He saved her life but it cost him dearly as he lost his partner and best friend. Now, Taya is the key witness set to testify in the trial of the terrorist who controlled the brutal group that kept her and others captive. A domestic terrorist group is determined to prevent that from happening and Nate inserts himself on the team providing her protection.

The connection between Nate and Taya was obvious from the start but it took awhile to get the full story of what happened during her rescue. Both were emotionally impacted and he’s still dealing with the residual anxiety, which he masks through his numerous, meaningless sexual encounters. I loved Taya and her effect on Nate, along with their powerfully strong connection. The other aspect of the story involving the domestic terrorist group, The Brethren, was extremely exciting as we were given the point of view of the one recruited to kill Taya. Their explosive attacks were shocking, brutal and exciting. It had me on the edge of my seat.

I enjoyed the story though it took a little long to develop and protracted the reveal of Taya and Nate’s backstory unnecessarily. However, the second half of the book delivered a huge payoff, both with the terrorist climax and the romance between Taya and Nate. It was satisfying to see Nate, a truly good guy, finally find his peace.

Book Info

  • Release Date: June 22, 2015
  • Series: Hostage Rescue Team #5
  • Page Numbers: 316
  • Publisher: Self


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