29 Seconds by T. M. Logan

29 Seconds

Well, that took a turn!

Dr. Sarah Haywood is a contract teaching assistant at Queen Anne University, hoping for a permanent position she’s worked hard to earn. However, the path to that promotion is through a powerful and esteemed professor, Alan Hawthorne, who’s also a notorious sexual harasser. Sarah has successfully navigated herself out of his clutches but now that her career is on the line, he’s got her cornered, literally and figuratively. A chance situation puts another powerful man in her debt who offers her the opportunity to give him one name…someone she wishes would just disappear. But Sarah’s uncertain if she’s willing to cross that line.

I’d heard so much praise for the author’s previous book, I readily accepted the offer to review this one, going into it blind. That was a great decision as I hadn’t any preparation for this story and it wreaked an emotional toll. Younger women may not have yet faced men like Hawthorne in their careers but his was a familiar profile for me. I understood Sarah’s sense of desperation, powerlessness and futility with not only Hawthorne but a broken system that allowed him to thrive. I didn’t know if I wanted her to accept the offer or not but just wanted her to get what was due her and him to pay a price. You’ll have to read the story to find out the outcome.

There are quite a few twists and turns and the ending took my breath away. I was trying to finish this in one day but couldn’t last. But, I woke determined to learn what happened. I promise you a range of emotions and a thrilling ride. Loved and hated this book…read it and you’ll understand.

Book Info

  • Release Date: September 10, 2019
  • Page Numbers: 356
  • Publisher: St. Martin’s Press


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(I received a free ARC from Macmillan in an exchange for an honest review.)

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