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The Twenty Three by Linwood Barclay

The Twenty Three

The mystery of all the strange events in Promise Falls involving the number 23 culminates in this story…the 23 bloody mannequins discovered in the abandoned Ferris wheel, the out-of-control bus #23, the 23 dead squirrels, etc. It’s the Saturday of the Memorial Day weekend, May 23, and the worst of all these phenomena occurs. Both Detective Barry Duckworth and private investigator Cal Weaver know the number has some significance and think they’ve figured it out. Now all they have to do is find the perpetrator. Meanwhile, they’re coming closer to determining who might have killed Olivia Fisher and Rosemary Gaynor and whether their deaths are some how tied to number 23.

I looked forward to listening to what was originally planned to be the final book in this trilogy (a fourth book was later added) and I got my anticipated payoff. As with a typical Barclay story, there’s a lot going on but all are tied together, some cleanly & distinctly, others more obscure. It was über interesting to try to assemble the clues and keep ahead of the investigation. I did okay but in the end, still got surprised. I have thoroughly enjoyed this series and am glad a fourth book was added because a couple of little dangling threads deserve an answer.

I’m also glad I chose to listen to the series as the narrators were exceptionally good, especially Brian O’Neill who handled everyone but Barry Duckworth. His style lends itself to this kind of story where he doesn’t reach for the dramatic because it’s not needed. I’m a big fan of the author and this met all my expectations. On to the last book in the series and some earlier ones that have loose character connections. And, oh! This series is best served up in order…trust me.

Book Info

  • Release Date: November 8, 2016
  • Series: Promise Falls #3
  • Narrators: Richard Poe & Brian O’Neill
  • Audio Length: 12 hours, 24 minutes
  • Publisher: Recorded Books




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(Thanks to Recorded Books for my complimentary copy. All opinions are my own.)

18 thoughts on “The Twenty Three by Linwood Barclay”

  1. This sounds like an amazing end to this trilogy. I have only read the first one, which means I will have to reread in order to remember before I go on to #2 and #3. I may read #4, but I shall see. Wonderful review Jonetta, and a great reminder to me about this series.

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