Positivity Wave

The Positivity Wave #37

The Positivity Wave
Welcome to my Friday feature! Created by the wonderful Meggy @ Chocolate ‘n’ Waffles, it’s a remedy against feeling down by creating a list of all the good things happening in my life this week. I became so inspired by her weekly posts and later also that by Nickimags @ Secret Library Book Blog,  I felt it was time to begin sharing my own good feelings. It can be anything, from the smallest gesture from a stranger to a major event in your life that alters the direction of your day. Maybe something here will bring a smile to you in the moment.

Apple TV Plus

Last week, Apple gave me a new phone after breaking my old one following an attempted battery replacement. Well, I had another surprise in store when I discovered that with the new phone came a one-year free subscription to Apple TV Plus!


The Morning Show

I’ve wanted to watch The Morning Show since it was announced but wasn’t willing to subscribe to another streaming channel. As soon as I discovered the free Apple TV Plus subscription, I downloaded this series and promptly binge-watched eight episodes. I stopped because I wasn’t ready for it to be over😏


Best Friends

Hubby and I had lunch with our besties, Bill & Tisa! We normally vote together every election and planned to go early until we figured out we weren’t ready. So, we decided we’d just have lunch and it was so great to be with them again. Of course, it was our typical three-hour session🥰


Book Club

My Book Club is on Goodreads! I created a group for the members, many who are technology challenged. I’ve got all but two set up and they’re using it to select our slate of titles for the next twelve months. I handle the administrative stuff and this will make communication so much easier and better for them in the long run.



The new season has started and I’m all in with one of my favorite book series on TV!



  • We had another plumbing issue and the plumbers fixed it for free!🥰
  • I had a particularly troublesome three weeks with my meal planning but turns out I only gained 4/5 of a pound instead of the 5 I feared.
  • I received the final book in one of my series for review!
  • We got snow yesterday, the kind that looks pretty but doesn’t pile up.
  • Received notecards from my friend Tisa that are designed to send acknowledgements…to myself🥰

What positivity waves hit you this week?

21 thoughts on “The Positivity Wave #37”

  1. I need to get out and vote, too, Jonetta! I love that you had some good friend time and that you enjoyed the beautiful snow also! I sent you an email through your blog email. No rush at all, but I know those sometimes get filtered. Happy Friday! ♥️

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  2. Another amazing week! I want Apple TV for the new series set in India with Charlie Hunnam. I might get it briefly for that, or a trial. But I don’t watch tv very often. So which book club is on Goodreads, is this one that also meets in person? You have a bunch of things on Goodreads and you read so many things I love like Kaylea Cross and Allison Brennan and more.

    Anne – Books of My Heart

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    1. Thanks, Anne💜 This is my face-to-face book club. I wanted to put our stuff on Goodreads to make it easier to manage. It’s my only in person book club. I belong to several groups here that have monthly group reads. I moderate one that focuses on series reading and that’s the one reading Allison Brennan & Kerrigan Byrne.


  3. Sounds like a great week Jo. I love that you got something out of the Apple Store breaking your phone, a bonus for sure. Visiting with friends is always a great way to spend some time. Glad the snow is a good thing and that it hasn’t caused any problems. Enjoy your weekend.

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  4. Oh, we’ve been enjoying that show too, Jonetta. We got Apple TV free two when, earlier this year, we bought a new iMac. I love For All Mankind too. And the one about the pod cast, whose name escapes me at this moment. ☺️

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