The Secrets We Bury by Debra Webb

The Secrets We Bury

This book is part of a continuing story arc and is preceded by a novella that’s essential to read before beginning this one.

Rowan DuPont walked away from a vibrant and successful career as a profiler in a special unit based in Nashville to return home to her family’s business in Winchester after her father’s murder. See, her father Edward DuPont was the town’s undertaker and the funeral home had passed down to successive generations. That’s not the only reason for her decision as she needs healing and answers. The man who killed her father had ties to her and was someone she should have known was a serial killer, active for decades. Now she’s looking for answers, not only about that but her twin sister’s death and her mother’s subsequent suicide many years ago.

There’s a lot to like about this story, especially the continuing plot line involving the serial killer, who I’m deliberately not naming because that’s a secret revealed in the previous book and Rowan’s still a target. After her return home to the family practice, strange events start to occur, which is even more macabre given that she lives in the residential upper floors over the funeral home. And, I learned a lot about the funeral practices and found it beyond interesting, not the turnoff I’d anticipated.

This should have been a page turner but unfortunately that didn’t happen. There’s an incredible amount of repetition that just became annoying, so much that I searched the phrasing to validate the point. It slowed everything down, disrupting the pacing and a very compelling story. Normally, I can get over this once I’ve got a reading rhythm going but I had to do a lot of skimming, which I rarely do. So, while I loved the story, it wasn’t the great reading experience it could (and should) have been. Of course, though, I’m definitely continuing the series with the hope that the next book has cured what ailed this one.

Book Info

  • Release Date: April 30, 2020
  • Series: The Undertaker’s Daughter
  • Page Numbers: 432
  • Publisher: MIRA


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      1. Oh I totally had the titles mixed up! I only read the second book of the series; I ment to read The Secrets We Bury next but I’m not so sure now haha. I actually said no to the blog tour of book three instead. xD

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