Positivity Wave

The Positivity Wave #44

The Positivity Wave
Welcome to my Friday feature! Created by the wonderful Meggy @ Chocolate ‘n’ Waffles, it’s a remedy against feeling down by creating a list of all the good things happening in my life this week. I became so inspired by her weekly posts and later also that by Nickimags @ Secret Library Book Blog,  I felt it was time to begin sharing my own good feelings. It can be anything, from the smallest gesture from a stranger to a major event in your life that alters the direction of your day. Maybe something here will bring a smile to you in the moment.

I’m Grateful

Well, I took a two-week pause while I found my center again. I think I’m there and know deep in my heart that I have lots to be grateful for in the midst of all the worldwide worry and concern.


I was given the audio version by the publisher for review! If you don’t know this, Nora Roberts/J. D. Robb is one of my top ten favorite authors and I’ve never gotten any of her audiobooks early…ever! I should finish up today and hate to have it end. I love being in a Nora world💜


I attended my virtual workshop this week for the 4th week in a row! And, it’s helping me avoid the Corona 15 weight gain😏 It continues to be the inspiration I needed to stay on track.


Books Books Books

I received eight books this week for audio review! By now it has to be clear that I love listening to books and it’s my nirvana. When these came in, I was over the moon🌙



My California cousin’s wife organized a family call a few weeks ago and it’s turned out to be a regular Sunday afternoon thing. It’s the highlight of my week as it’s full of laughter and love and we never know how many will be participating.



We received some unexpected, long overdue repayments this week that we never saw coming. Trust me, it was sorely needed. And, I got notice this morning that more is on the way!

My niece got approved for her first apartment on her own! I’m so proud of her and she’s excited about moving in this weekend.

I continue to pause and reflect upon the people and things in my life that truly matter. For that, I’m grateful.

What are you grateful for in this moment?

25 thoughts on “The Positivity Wave #44”

  1. I love your list, as always, Jonetta, and I think am most impressed with your dedication to WW. I have been all over the place with sleep and eating and really need to get my routine back. Woo hoo on the audios! Woo hoo! Happy weekend, my friend! ❤️

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  2. So many wonderful positives to be thankful for, Jonetta. I love that you got a small windfall in much needed money, never mind all the books to review. And the family zoom chat sounds like a great way for you all to lift your spirits. I wish I had family enough that cared to do this, despite the difficulties, I miss them. And congrats to your niece too, I wish her all the best.

    And as you know, I am always grateful for your presence in my life, thank you!

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  3. There are so many wonderful things to be grateful for and I am super glad you found a few of them, Jonetta!

    We also received a totally unexpected payment from our Va insurance. I am ever so grateful for this gorgeous weather, my family being five minutes away, and having wonderful book friends! Be well everyone!

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  4. So many amazing things! I wish I wasn’t doing the COVID weight gain but I am cooking too many good things. I love that you have the family get togethers on Zoom. And the audiobook haul!

    Have another amazing week!
    Anne – Books of My Heart

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  5. I am happy you were able to find yourself amidst the hurricane around us ❤
    Yay to audiobooks of stories by our favorites!!!! I am totally jealous of you receiving so many audiobooks, hahahaha! I became addicted because of you!!!! Congrats on sticking to the WW program! It's fantastic!
    I'm grateful for you 🙂
    Thank you for a fabulous post ❤ xxx

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  6. I read A blog post about an extended family that zooms together every week and They do photo Challenges to share….the one she mentioned was an A-Z challenge where they Each shared 26 photos from A-Z

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  7. I love, love, love this post Jonetta. During these times it is so much easier to be negative so it is awesome that you have so many positive things going on. I love the idea of a Zoom family get together. I wonder if I could get my siblings and their spouses to do that. I have seen them all, but not all together obviously. Have a wonderful week! 🤗😃📚🌞

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  8. Nothing like unexpected money to put a smile on your face. And yay for getting so many audiobooks for review. I’m loving audiobooks more and more. Hard to believe how stubborn I was about giving them a try in the first place, lol.

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