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Morgan’s Hunter by Cate Beauman

Morgan’s Hunter

I will be reading the author’s new series next month and thought I’d introduce her first, which made me a fan.

Hunter Phillips is a former Marine gunnery sergeant now working as private security for Ethan Cooke Security. Morgan Taylor is a wildlife biologist for the Parks and Conservation Bureau heading up a six-member research team. When part of her team is murdered on a research trip in Montana, she decides to go there to find out what happened. Hunter is hired by her father to be a resistant Morgan’s bodyguard.

Hunter is suffering from PTSD after a horrific final mission in Afghanistan that also left him guilt-ridden when most of his team died. Morgan is fiercely independent and resents having a bodyguard, let alone the gruff Hunter. There’s lots to be cautious about but Morgan doesn’t appreciate his skills in protecting them both.

The tension level in this story is high as the investigation in Montana turns really dangerous. It’s extremely suspenseful with lots of twists, subterfuge and intrigue. When things get really dicey, my nerves could hardly stand it. Hunter and Morgan’s relationship didn’t happen quickly and developed appropriately, IMO, with the course of the story…romantic and steamy at times and explosive at others. I liked their conflicts as it was completely in keeping with the natures of both.

As much as I liked Morgan, she drove me crazy. Hunter proved time and again that he had skills but she repeatedly defaulted to her own “judgment” and ended up putting them both in peril. And, Hunter…he repeatedly withheld information from Morgan when it made no sense to do so. This undermined both characters, enough so I lowered my rating a half star.

Despite my bothersome moments, this is a well-written story and Beauman gets the mystery and suspense right. It was downright scary at times and the twists caught me off guard. The romance works even with my issues. I’m definitely continuing this series, which gets even better.

Book Info

  • Release Date: October 9, 2012
  • Series: The Bodyguards of L. A. County #1
  • Page Numbers: 360
  • Publisher: Self


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14 thoughts on “Morgan’s Hunter by Cate Beauman”

  1. Both Morgan and Hunter sound like interesting characters with enough nuances and flaws to feel real. I don’t mind characters being a bit annoying as long as they still feel credible. Great review, Jonetta, I hope you continue to enjoy the series!

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