Positivity Wave

The Positivity Wave #45

The Positivity Wave
Welcome to my Friday feature! Created by the wonderful Meggy @ Chocolate ‘n’ Waffles, it’s a remedy against feeling down by creating a list of all the good things happening in my life this week. I became so inspired by her weekly posts and later also that by Nickimags @ Secret Library Book Blog,  I felt it was time to begin sharing my own good feelings. It can be anything, from the smallest gesture from a stranger to a major event in your life that alters the direction of your day. Maybe something here will bring a smile to you in the moment.

I’m Grateful

Well, I took a two-week pause while I found my center again. I think I’m there and know deep in my heart that I have lots to be grateful for in the midst of all the worldwide worry and concern.


Getting My Hair Done
I’ve treated myself to professional hair treatments on a regular basis as a gift to myself for many, many years. So, went the governor issued the stay at home order, my hair became a casualty. My stylist and I had let it grow really long and now it’s unmanageable on my own. But! The governor allowed hair salons and barbershops to open again, effective 5:00 pm today! My stylist had preemptively made my appointment for next week and I am on cloud nine!!!


Thank You
I take nothing for granted anymore, including the smallest acts of kindness. One of my Goodreads friends, who I hadn’t heard from in months, left a comment on one of my reviews saying some extraordinarily nice things. It changed my day. Others routinely leave encouraging comments on the reviews I post here. Please know that I read each of them with intention and am so utterly thankful that you take the time. Your words really, really matter.


Peet’s French Roast
I have a standing subscription through Amazon for this coffee but last month, they couldn’t fulfill the order. I also got a message that the next one couldn’t be fulfilled either. I was almost out and was despairing when suddenly I got a message from Amazon saying it was on its way. It was delivered today. I had about two days left in my old bag.


My anxiety returned in a big way at the beginning of the week. After two nights of fitful sleep and three days of tension, I decided to stop and take stock of myself. I profess to be a woman of faith so I need to live in my declarations. I took a few moments, closed my eyes and said a prayer out loud, declaring my trust and faith in a higher power to accept whatever was to come. I immediately felt at peace and have had so many great things happen since, especially today when our stimulus check showed up and a huge partial payment of a debt appeared, too. Things are imperfect but I’m looking at my blessings. My family is in a good place, happy and in good health, and that’s what truly matters.


I Love Audiobooks
You know how I often state in my Saturdays at the Café posts that some of the books I add are audio review hopefuls? Well, five showed up this week!!!


Hubby and I decided we’d watch Bosch all over again, starting at the first season. We watch a couple of episodes every night and it’s one of the highlights of my day. We’re already on the second season.


I don’t request much from NetGalley anymore because I put myself on a diet over a year ago. However, the second book in a series I’m following showed up and I got approval yesterday!


The Voice
Anybody watch The Voice this season? It was SO good and when they reached the live part of the season, they achieved a technological miracle in pulling off the rest of the season and the finale. I think this was the first time I got to the end thinking any of the finalists winning would be fine with me. They deserve an Emmy for what they were able to deliver. Loved it!

I continue to pause and reflect upon the people and things in my life that truly matter. For that, I’m grateful.

What are you grateful for in this moment?

24 thoughts on “The Positivity Wave #45”

  1. I was told I HAD to watch Bosch 😀 and if you are saying you are going to re-watch it, makes me wonder what I’ve missed so far.

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  2. My hubs and I were so bored I talked him into watching Gilmore Girls!! 😂😂😂 he’s enjoying 90% of it and it’s entertaining and witty! A rewatch of Parenthood is next!

    Happy to hear you have your coffee!!!

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  3. I so understand about the hair! Mine look terrible. I used to go to the salon every month when I was a redhead. The day I chose to go back to brunette, I still managed to get an appointment every 6 or 7 weeks, and now I have a full head of grey hair!!!!! Hairdressers have reopened here but I don’t feel safe enough to go back yet.
    I am utterly grateful for having you in my life. Your posts always make me smile, your review always make me curious, and your kindness warms my heart. I am glad your faith helped with the anxiety. I am always around if you need me xxx

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    1. Meggy, you filled my heart💜💜💜

      My hairdresser has her shop in the basement of her home and can control one person at a time. I’ve been going to her for many years and trust her and her space. When the pandemic started and before stay at home orders were issued, she reached out to me to ask my husband how she could protect herself and her clients and instituted safe measures before it was enforced. I’ll be there alone so I feel safe. Wouldn’t do this with otherwise.


  4. After this week helping neighbours and surviving gastro, I have a lot too, to be thankful for, the cherry on the top would be a haircut. You are lucky to have a good stylist who is there for you. Our hairdresser is still closed and no word when or if they’ll open again.

    I have to say, faith is one thing that can help us get through this. To believe that, in the end, humanity can get through this, and survive is a hope I think we all share.

    We’re currently doing a rewatch of Alias, with Jennifer Garner, which still holds up pretty well after all these years. I must check out Bosch, too. ☺️

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  5. Getting your hair done. Yay! It’ my turn this Wednesday! I join you on the anxiety train as mine seemed to kick into gear once again. I do find reading calms me and takes the fear down to manageable levels.

    AS for my TV watching, I binged on the last season the Poldark :(, and watched Rocketman which I highly recommend. It was so good. I have watched some of the Bosch series and like it. I did request three books from ew and was declined. I think their offerings have been a bit shoddy and I believe it may be because they want people to purchase the books which I certainly understand.

    And on the good side, I read The Nothing Man which I thought was outstanding, and Luster which was riveting and deep. I am reading two right now that I am enjoying… Sunshine State by D.L. Lyle which btw is a series…. and Ordinary Hazards by Anna Bruno.

    Enjoy the three day weekend and be well!

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    1. Thank you, Marialyce💜 I don’t know what it is about this anxiety that makes it persist. Guess it’s the lack of control.

      I wondered about Rocketman so thanks for that recommendation. Hope hubby will try it with me. I’ll be checking out your book adds, too.

      Have a great Memorial Day💜


  6. Lovely post! Oh, I’m really torn about what to do about my hair! Our salons aren’t allowed to open yet. I’ve been getting mine colored for years, and I haven’t done any touch-ups at home… and now I’m thinking maybe it’s finally time for me to let the white grow out!! (My husband hates the idea, so some negotiating is ahead.)

    Some weeks it’s really hard to find the positive, but I’m truly grateful for my wonderful family and the fact that everyone has so far remained healthy during this crisis.

    I hope you have a great week!

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  7. I’m so happy to read about your great week! I continue to stay home and be grateful for what I have. I had the same experience with my standing order of Lysol wipes this month.

    Anne – Books of My Heart

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  8. Not sure how I missed this post, but glad I saw it. I need to check out Bosch and see if it is available here in Canada. So glad you found your centre and that you are all doing well. I need to take a Netgalley break, but it is so hard for me. It is my one vice, but with so many that I have not read and reviewed, I am surprised they are still approving me. Whew, glad you got your coffee, I would not know what to do without my coffee and when you have a favourite, that is so important. I appreciate all your comments as well Jo. Keep smiling.

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