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A Merciful Fate by Kendra Elliot

A Merciful Fate
It began with the discovery of human bones, unearthed by a dog. The remains were old and soon it was also discovered that they belonged to one of the participants in a 30-year old armored car robbery. Five people were involved in the Gamble-Helmet Heist but only one was captured. It’s the FBI’s case with Mercy and her team taking the lead in the investigation. Little did they know the beast they were unleashing with this one.

It was impossible to anticipate the twists and turns this story would take so I just hung on for the ride. It had a little slow start but I picked up on a valuable, obscure clue early on that ended up serving me well. Still, it wasn’t enough to prepare me for the stunning revelations that followed. And, the excitement kept coming when two of Eagle’s Nest residents experienced escalating vandalism and violence that was harrowing.

The case was interesting enough to make this an enjoyable reading experience but when you add in the personal relationship elements, this becomes a must read. I’m certainly not looking forward to the end of this series because with one more book remaining, there’s too much unresolved to complete in one story. Good news, however, as I discovered the author is working on another book for 2021. I’m not sure I’ll ever get enough of Mercy’s world. And, of course I’ll be getting the audio version because the narrator rocks!

Book Info

  • Release Date: January 15, 2019
  • Series: Mercy Kilpatrick #5
  • Narrator: Teri Schnaubelt
  • Audio Length: 10 hours, 11 minutes
  • Publisher: Brilliance Audio




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