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Look for Me by Lisa Gardner

Look for Me
The crime scene is distressing as Detective D. D. Warren is investigating the massacre of a family, two adults and two children. However, another child is missing and the team isn’t certain if she’s at risk or the perpetrator. And, Flora Dane is back, shadowing the case as she’s created and leading her own support group for survivors like her, teaching them to go beyond just coping. She’s got a special interest in finding Roxy Baez, the missing daughter, and D. D. isn’t sure whether she’s helping or a nuisance.

This was a challenging story but one that was excellent in how it illustrated the effects on children placed in the foster care system when the wrong caretakers aren’t properly supervised and monitored. The device Gardner used to give us that insight was extremely effective and compelling without having to devote a lot of time to backstories. Peeling back the chapters of this family’s lives and circumstances was at times complicated as it often went in surprising directions. It was also great to see Flora again and watch her evolution.

I liked the story but near the end I tired of the mystery and just wanted it solved. Listening to these stories is always an added benefit as Kirsten Potter wears the characters with ease and is a natural. There’s a change in D. D.’s household that provided lots of levity to a really tragic and weighty story. While it’s not my favorite, it was insightful and relevant.

Book Info

  • Release Date: February 6, 2018
  • Series: Detective D. D. Warren #9
  • Narrator: Kirsten Potter
  • Audio Length: 11 hours, 3 minutes
  • Publisher: Brilliance Audio

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