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The Guy Who Died Twice by Lisa Gardner @LisaGardnerBks @BrilliancePub

The Guy Who Died Twice
Detective D. D. Warren comes home after a day dealing with the most bizarre case she can recall and shares the experience with her husband over a glass of wine. A man walks into the station and is convinced he’s already dead. A few hours after they dispatch him home, they receive a call that this time he’s truly dead.

I’m not a fan of novellas but I’m warming to those in this series because they’re cleverly crafted. And, if you have the good fortune to listen to them on audio, you’ll get the added benefit of Kirsten Potter’s sarcastic delivery, completely in tandem with the how the story is written. At the last minute, I decided to use a coupon to get the audiobook from Audible and treated myself to a fun 97 minutes of storytelling. I had no clue where this story would lead and how it would end but I didn’t care because I enjoyed the journey. Just read it and if you can get the audio version, go for it!

Book Info

  • Release Date: March 5, 2019
  • Series: Detective D. D. Warren #9.5
  • Narrator: Kirsten Potter
  • Audio Length: 1 hour, 37 minutes
  • Publisher: Brilliance Audio

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22 thoughts on “The Guy Who Died Twice by Lisa Gardner @LisaGardnerBks @BrilliancePub”

  1. I really enjoy novellas in series. But I hate it when the author of a series puts a major plot point into a novella. I like them for more in-depth character developments for either main or side characters, to give great understanding or more time with characters.

    Anne – Books of My Heart

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    1. Thanks, Anne. Those are great points. I hate seeing any movement either in plot or character development in the novellas as I want the option to skip them😏 Those in this series tend to entertain and give you another side of an existing character. With D. D., they’ve helped to provide the “softer” side of her.

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  2. I haven’t been a fan of novellas either, but am starting to warm to them! This one sounds fun! The only thing which annoys me is, when you have to pay same “price” (one credit) for a novella as you would for a full length novel. This is the case for the Murderbot series and it annoys me no end!

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    1. Thanks, Marialyce💜 I’ve been listening to books since they were offered on cassette tapes. I first got them for road trips when my hubby and I were dating long distance (5 hour drive, one way). Cracker Barrel rents them out and back then it was $3/week. Now that I’ve got wireless headphones, it’s just too easy.


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