Romantic Suspense

Slow Burn by Lisa Clark O’Neill @LisaClarkONeill

Slow Burn
When graphic artist Adeline Walker was seven years old, she was struck by lightening at the same time as her mother and younger sister. She was the only one to survive but it left her with physical and mental challenges. Her marine biologist father did the best he could in trying to create some normalcy for his daughter and his love for her was never a question. His recent death has left her adrift and she’s left her comfort zone in Florida, returned to the family cabin in Clayton, Georgia to recapture the happiest memories of her childhood and to find new direction for her life. Upon her arrival, Adeline has a serious mishap that has Sutton McLeod, veterinarian and volunteer firefighter, coming to her rescue. It’s life changing for both of them.

I’ve made no secret of how much I love this author’s writing (you MUST read her Southern Comfort series!) and was excited when I saw a new series. This book is aptly named as it is indeed a slow burn, developing slowly as we take in the striking setting and learn everything about Adeline and Sutton. Both of them have rich backstories that are fascinating and delivered slowly, like a seven-course meal. Even when my thirst for knowing about them more rapidly was high pitched, I appreciated the deliberateness and timing of when those nuggets were dished out. Even better was how the romance played out. The dialogue was pithy, clever and downright funny at times. Its effect was to have me adore Sutton, who you’re going to fall for, and strongly admire Adeline, who has to be the quirkiest character I’ve met in a long time.

This story certainly takes its time to develop in every aspect. Even the mystery and suspense elements sneaked up on you, at times making me question whether there was something actually there. That’s great writing! And, a lot of time was taken to create the setting and introduce the secondary relationships, which can make it dense at points. However, it was all worth it because this is a wonderful story with a great romance and lots of atmosphere.

Book Info

  • Release Date: March 9, 2020
  • Series: Rabun County #1
  • Page Numbers: 313
  • Publisher: Self

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