Historical Romance

The Highlander’s Rescued Maiden by Anna Campbell

It was four years ago that Dougal Drummond set out to find Fair Ellen of the Isles, a legendary maiden supposedly being held against her will by her father in a tower on an island. He shipwrecked on Askaval and ended his quest there after finding his true love in that place. Now his cousin Will Mackinnon finds himself stranded because of a fierce storm on a remote, seemingly unoccupied island with a tower. Who do you suppose he found living in that tower, pointing a pistol right at him? Oh, it should be noted that Will derided his cousin Dougal something fierce for chasing after a fairy tale.

I believed unequivocally that the legend of Fair Ellen was indeed a myth when reading about Dougal’s quest in The Highlander’s Christmas Quest. How ironic that it’s Will who finds her, the one man who wasn’t even looking for her let alone believe she existed. Ellen turned out to be a formidable woman as she was reluctant to give him shelter from the storm, which persisted over several days. During that time, Will got to know a fascinating and intelligent mind behind the beautiful face and Ellen interacts with a man who has no interest in being the white knight who rescues her from the tower. These two couldn’t be better suited and their growing affection for each other was heartwarming.

This is an unconventional fairy tale and Ellen’s reluctance to be rescued is based on some valid considerations. As their feelings deepen, it becomes abundantly clear that Will has no intention of leaving the island without her. Their journey from strangers to lovers made for a great reading experience. This was a lovely way to end the series, one I’ve adored. From the Scottish settings, to the brawny Lairds and the high spirited women who married them, these stories have captured my imagination and catapulted me to mystical bygone eras. They put me in a happy place.

Book Info 

  • Release Date: March 31, 2021
  • Series: The Lairds Most Likely #9
  • Page Numbers: 184
  • Publisher: Self


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(Thanks to the author for my complimentary copy. All opinions are my own.)

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