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The Unsung Hero by Suzanne Brockmann @SuzBrockmann

I’m listening to this series with one of my Goodreads groups, beginning this month. I read it over ten years ago and am rereading it via audio for the first time. In 2014, the author re-recorded the series with different narrators so there are two versions. The one my library carries is the original version.

During a mission, Navy SEAL Tom Paoletti suffers a head injury that sidelines him. While recuperating at his New England hometown, he catches a glimpse of a notorious terrorist but no one believes him. See, Tom was the leader of SEAL Team 16 and no matter the injury, his instincts are stellar. He puts together a bare-bones team to help him figure out what’s going on. In the meantime, he’s also reconnecting with Kelly Ashton, his teenage crush and the woman who got away.

Tom is the consummate hero. If you were to outline the qualities you’d like to see in one, you’d find them in this character. His subordinates respect and admire him and it was no wonder that Kelly fell for him all over again.

This book is also the first in one of my all-time favorite series. It’s not as exciting and suspenseful as those that follow but it’s important in that Tom creates the Troubleshooters group, setting the stage for all that comes next. It’s romantic, funny, suspenseful and downright frightening at times.

Tom Paoletti exemplifies all that is honorable about our armed forces. It’s a wonderful story to begin an incredible series written by one of my most favorite authors.

I first read this book in 2010 and this time reread it by listening to the audio version. What a difference that makes as I enjoyed the narrator’s performance! He was a great storyteller. It was remarkable how many details I’d forgotten but not the essence of the story. I actually liked it more the second time around, possibly because of the narrator but also as I had a higher appreciation for the historical story involving Charles & Joe. The ending touched me more deeply as well.

Book Info

  • Release Date: August 29, 2008 (originally June 6, 2000)
  • Series: Troubleshooters #1
  • Narrator: William Dufris
  • Audio Length: 15 hours, 27 minutes
  • Publisher: BBC Audiobooks of America




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20 thoughts on “The Unsung Hero by Suzanne Brockmann @SuzBrockmann”

  1. I’ve read later books in the series, but always meant to come back and get it all from the beginning. I’ve got book one, but I should check the library for it on audio. Great review, Jonetta!

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  2. Wonderful review Jo. I read #17 in this series and really enjoyed it and wanted to read the series, then more books got in the way. I will have to see if my library has them. Boy this would be a lengthy Finish the Series if I went that way. Glad to hear you liked the series enough to reread it.

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  3. It’s always fun to reread an old favorite and discover new details or remember forgotten ones. I’m glad you were able to enjoy an old favorite again.

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