14 thoughts on “9/11 In Memoriam”

  1. Thanks for this, Jonetta. I’m reading a lot on this topic. As an Australian I feel so far away, but it’s honestly affected me so much. My ten year old son and I listened to parts of The Only Plane in the Sky together on the car. I then purchased it in hardcover for myself, and this week I bought it for a friend that moved to the US. This book made me realise so much more than I had previously known. I’m usually reading one non fiction at a time on this as I work in an academic library.

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    1. Thank you, Suzanne💜 We appreciate the care and love shown to our country from around the world. That book is excellent for giving you the human experience of that day. I reviewed it for last year’s 20th year commemoration and it still haunts me.


  2. It’s one of those things that will always seem like it just happened not something that happened 21 years ago. I went to the site in NY a few years ago and it was still just so surreal. Thank you for this remembrance!

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