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First Born by Will Dean @willrdead @SusieRids @SimonAudio

the setup…

Molly and Katie (KT) Raven may be identical twins but they are remarkably different. Molly lives in London, leading a seriously structured and solitary life, obsessed with safety. Katie lives in New York, attending Columbia on a special scholarship. She’s outgoing and full of life…until Molly receives the news from her parents that she’s died while they were there visiting. Despite her fears, Molly makes her way to New York, on a mission to figure out what happened to her sister.

the heart of the story…

Molly is the sole narrator so everything is from her perspective. As she explores KT’s world and the people closest to her, she discovers troubling and disturbing things that are cause for suspicion about them. After KT’s death is ruled a homicide, Molly’s investigating intensifies…until it takes a turn into the crazy sauce. I have to admit, right before that happened, I’d formed some credible theories that had potential. But, after that “moment,” I stopped and rewound, convinced I heard it wrong. To say I was stunned and disconcerted understates how I felt.

the narration…

Oh, she was very, very good! I felt set up partly because of the narrator’s storytelling skills. She was ideal in every possible way to tell this tale.

the bottom line…

Even though I’d read reviews by friends that warned of a serious twist, nothing could prepare me for the turn this story took that spun my mind into the chaos. I had to rewind the clues in my head and realized that some of the low lying suspicions were always in the back of mind and now thrust into the forefront. Things I’d dismissed began to make sense in a fantastical way. To say more would be devilishly revealing so I’ll stop there with the details but will say the mystery was highly engaging and I was all in. This was an incredible listening journey that tossed my brain around in a way I haven’t experienced in quite some time. And, I’m so, so glad I chose the audio version as the narrator contributed greatly to the crazy.

Book Info

  • Release Date: April 12, 2022
  • Narrator: Susie Riddell
  • Audio Length: 8 hours, 35 minutes
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio



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(Thanks to Simon & Schuster Audio for my complimentary copy. All opinions are my own.)

19 thoughts on “First Born by Will Dean @willrdead @SusieRids @SimonAudio”

  1. Aahhh…a shocking twist!!! I do adore those and the crazier the better. I also love twin stories. This is going to have to go on my TBR, so if you hear a loud groan that’s my other books protesting the addition of a new book ❤️

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  2. I listened to The Last Thing to Burn and it was very good, also had some huge twists. I am definitely interested in listening to this one after reading your post and am off to the library to see if they have a copy. Twins, twists, and a mystery, how can I resist. Excellent review, Jo.

    Liked by 1 person

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